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N. T. Wright on Easter

By The Rabbit Room

[The following is an excerpt from N. T. Wright’s Surprised By Hope.]

“…Many churches now hold Easter vigils, as the Orthodox church has always done, but in many cases they are…too tame by half. Easter is about the wild delight of God’s creative power…we ought to shout Alleluias Read More ›

Imaginations Should Be Exercised (by James Witmer)

By Story Warren

[This post by James Witmer is one of my favorites. It really captures what we mean at Story Warren by saying we want to be “Allies in Imagination.” I think it will ring true to the rabbits over here in this excellent room. –S.D. “Sam” Smith] Read More ›

Jack Quinn’s for Joy

By Sarah Clarkson

My St. Patrick’s day celebration was impromptu. I love all things Irish and think St. Patrick himself the hero indeed, but the great day  found me mired in about a thousand unanswered emails. I got home from Read More ›

Easter & Expectations

By Matt Conner

Ever since my wife and I set our sights on moving to Nashville several months ago, I couldn’t wait to get here. Expectations of new friendships and opportunities brought hope after a frustrating and lonely year of wading Read More ›

Happy Birthday, Dear Flannery…

By Jonathan Rogers

“Well I thanks you for your birthday message,” Flannery O’Connor wrote to a friend in 1960. “I am thirty-five years old and still have all my teeth.” If she were still alive, today would be her 88th birthday. It’s hard to say whether she would still have all her teeth. Read More ›


By Andrew Peterson

It’s Holy Week, so I dug up a few old writings. Below are two very different pieces: first is the “about the song” paragraph that I wrote for the press kit. Second is the first of what someone named my Resurrection Letters. Read More ›

The Fragrance of Soup and Song

By Eric Peters

Many of you are, no doubt, familiar with the concept of a house concert. For those who aren’t, it is exactly what the name implies: hosts invite friends and neighbors over, and a songwriter-artist plays a concert in Read More ›

The Tip of a Pen

By The Rabbit Room

In the past twenty-four hours, Eric Peters, Jennifer Trafton, Andrew Peterson, and Pete Peterson (along with quite a few others) all saw this video and said, “That belongs on the Rabbit Room!” Rightly so. Read More ›

Loving Your Introverted Child As She Is

By S. D. Smith

I think this little video, from the theme to the art, is a neat fit for the vision of The Rabbit Room community. I especially appreciated Susan Cain’s point regarding a cultural shift towards overvaluing Read More ›

Table Talk: Andy Gullahorn

By The Rabbit Room

You may have heard of a book called Table Talk. If you haven’t, that’s okay; it was published in 1566. It’s a series of sayings by Martin Luther that were collected as he talked over meals with students and colleagues, Read More ›

Barefoot Virtuosity


I felt like Jo March in Little Women.

The 1994 film version, to be exact, when Winona Ryder and Gabriel Byrne are sitting backstage at the Read More ›

On the Greatness of Saint Patrick

By Jonathan Rogers

Patrick lived at the end of the world. A Roman citizen, he was born and raised in Britain, the northern- and westernmost extremity of a Roman empire that extended (overextended, as it turned out) south to Africa and east to the Tigris and Euphrates. Read More ›

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