Table Talk: Andy Gullahorn


You may have heard of a book called Table Talk. If you haven’t, that’s okay; it was published in 1566. It’s a series of sayings by Martin Luther that were collected as he talked over meals with students and colleagues, and the topics of conversation ranged widely, including not only insights and observations, but facetious, funny, and even damaging remarks. In short, it was off the cuff. Uncensored. I imagine that when people sat down at the table with Luther, they never knew just what they were going to get. This video series is kind of like that—only with video cameras and . . . well, you never know what else. You’ve been warned.


  1. Tim Bourne

    I enjoyed this video completely. I await the albums soonish release with all the excitement I can spare.

  2. Mark

    But Mollie, what about the opening lyrics to “Chloe in Pasadena”?!?!?

    Andy – I was at one of the BTLOG concerts and you sang an unreleased song for a friend raising a child with Aspergers. I used to tutor students with Aspergers. Even though I’ve only heard the song once, it was one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard. I’ve been searching YouTube on a consistent basis to see if there is a recording of that song someone out there. I can’t wait to hear it again.

  3. Kelly

    Mark, the song you’re thinking of is called “sleeping sound,” I think. Andy sang it at our house concert a while back. That was right when my husband and I were starting to realize that our oldest might possibly fall into that category called Asperger’s. Soo…yeah. I was a pile of rubble when the song was over.

    I think I remember reading/hearing/imagining that Andy is putting it on this record?

  4. Mark

    @Kelly – I hope so! Thanks to your help with the song title, I was able to find a live recording of that song on YouTube. I’ve listened to it on repeat at least 10x since. Jill is in the video too – such a beautiful song and wonderful couple.

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