Duende: Making Matthew Perryman Jones’ Land of the Living


One of our favorite records of the past year is Matthew Perryman Jones’ Land of the Living, produced by Cason Cooley. (If you saw the Behold the Lamb of God tour last year you may remember Matthew as one of the special guests.) If you haven’t listened his new record, go with great haste and do so. If you’ve already fallen in love with it, enjoy this short making-of film. If you’re still on the fence, this might be just the push you need.


  1. Laura Peterson

    Truth. IT’S SO GOOD. Every time I listen to it I’m discovering a new layer to the music and the incredible lyrics.

    Uh, do most recording studios come with a teepee in the backyard? ‘Cuz that’d be great.

  2. Heather Wile

    One of the best albums….bought it because of the BTLOG tour. I love his single with Mindy Smith also. Love her!

  3. Caroline Cobb

    Love this album. Favorite song is definitely “Land of the Living” at the end of the album…. the lyrics, the way it builds… it’s just beautiful and hopeful and true.

    “You cannot love in moderation
    Dancing with a dead man’s bones
    Lay your soul
    On the threshing floor”

    I mean, wow!

  4. Allan

    A remarkable work. I have listened to it countless times over the past year. Perhaps my favorite music of all time. I look forward to enjoying for many years to come.

  5. Ana Carolina Damico

    I am completely in love with Land of the Living. This song brings me a mix of feelings, old feelings that I cant even explain where they come from, as in the beginning of live, in the beginning of everything.

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