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A Feast Renewed

By Sarah Clarkson

I’m reading straight through the Gospel of John early in the morning these days. It’s my second time this summer. I finished it once, paged right back to the start and savored the opening again: in the beginning was the Word.  Read More ›

Table Talk: Ron Block (w/Sierra Hull)

By The Rabbit Room

Walking Song hit the streets today, and here’s a new episode of Table Talk in which Ron Block discusses what it’s like to step center-stage and play the front-man, opens up about the experience of co-writing with Read More ›

Album Release: Walking Song

By Pete Peterson

Today we celebrate the birth of two awesome things: Ron Block, and his new record Walking Song (co-written with Rebecca Reynolds). That’s right, today is Ron’s birthday so wish him well and buy him a copy of his record. He’ll love you for it. Read More ›



I have always been a five year-old about birthdays. I love them, and I get very excited about celebrating the day that God in His mercy chose to give me life. The most ordinary things seem tinged with magic, and I Read More ›

A Secret Message in Oxford

By Andrew Peterson

Oy, lads and lasses. I’m writing this from the front steps of a little flat in Edinburgh where the Petersons are shacking up for the week. This evening we walked the Royal Mile down from the castle to the sound of a Read More ›

Album Review: Ron Block’s Walking Song

By Jonathan Rogers

In the annals of Rabbit Room-inspired collaborations, Ron Block’s new album Walking Song, co-written with Rebecca Reynolds, ranks just below Pete and Jennifer Peterson’s marriage. Read More ›

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, Pt. 2: The Letters

By Russ Ramsey

“When times are good, be happy; but when times are hard, consider this: God has made the one as well as the other. Therefore, no one can discover anything about their future.”               – Ecclesiastes 7:14 Read More ›

Stealing Cars

By Eric Peters

One night, years ago, while tucking my brother and me into bed, my father started on the subject of stealing. Whether my brother introduced the topic or my dad simply felt the need to talk about it, I don’t Read More ›

RR Interview: Subjects With Objects co-author DKM

By Matt Conner

If you were fortunate enough to support and score a copy of the newest Rabbit Room Press title, Subjects With Objects, then you know how enchanting the mix of Jonathan Richter’s painting and DKM’s poetic commentary can Read More ›

Andy Osenga House Show Tour

By Matt Conner

From the release of his incredible Leonard the Lonely Astronaut to his face-melting performance at Hutchmoot 2013, it’s been a great season for Andy Osenga. Read More ›

What’s Wrong With This Country?

By S. D. Smith

I am often tempted to start sentences with the phrase, “What’s wrong with this country is…” and then finish with the fascinating facts about what I think is wrong with this country. Then I usually want to add Read More ›



Like a white gull, caught in the cross-purpose of an opposing breeze,
I hang, suspended upon grief and this searing joy. Weightless, effortless, Read More ›

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