Table Talk: Ron Block (w/Sierra Hull)


Walking Song hit the streets today, and here’s a new episode of Table Talk in which Ron Block discusses what it’s like to step center-stage and play the front-man, opens up about the experience of co-writing with Rebecca Reynolds, and performs the title track with Sierra Hull. (There may also be an accounting of hats.)


  1. Africa Schaumann

    Great interview. I got my copy of Walking Song today. What a wonderful thing to come home to. Congrats to the Block/Reynolds dynamic duo. I’m still at the processing stage of, “This music gives me emotions. What are these magical things and what do they want from me and why does this music make me have them?”

    Rebecca, could you maybe share some of your thoughts on what “Colors” means to you? It was the first one to cause my tear-ducts to swell.

    Ron, I loved the role of the banjo on “Summer’s Lullaby”, “Walking Song” and “What Wondrous Love is This?”. Proves that banjos are versatile; they don’t have to only ever be either irate or exuberant. It’s definitely there, but it’s doing subtle, emotionally-diverse things.

    “Chase Me to the Ocean”, “Jordan, Carry Me”, and “Let There Be Beauty” are also tops on my list. All of the songs are great, but those are the ones I can’t take off of repeat. Kate Rusby is fantastic, providing backup on a number of songs, and loved hearing the Cox’s contributions as well. Just great album all around. Kudos to all who were involved in the making of it.

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