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Bubba and the Mnemonic Device

By Jonathan Rogers

I worked in a cabinet shop for a brief while. I was teaching Tuesdays and Thursdays and so had some time on my hands on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I had recently finished my PhD, and it was a pleasure Read More ›

Get Children Outside –Of Themselves (by Zach Franzen)

By Story Warren

I love Zach Franzen’s illustrations and am an even bigger fan of the man. He marries a profound and far-reaching intellect with gentleness and humility. If one way to judge a man is how he treats children, then Read More ›

Some Days


Some days are just kind of stupid.

You sit there early, hands cupped around a half-mug of cold coffee, feeling that the world beyond your own Read More ›

Hume’s Big Toe

By Andrew Peterson

One of the highlights of our trip to Edinburgh, Scotland was the bus tour, led by a friend of a friend, a pastor named James (who supposedly was written about in Erwin McManus’s The Barbarian Way). The Read More ›

Congratulations In Order

By The Rabbit Room

Light for the Lost Boy received two Dove Award nominations. Congratulations, Andrew! Don’t let Kanye steal your mic. Read More ›

No One Is To Blame

By Eric Peters

Each summer she descended like a migratory goddess—rare, hard to catch, easy on the eyes. During the school year, she lived in Panama City, Florida, but each summer she arrived in Baton Rouge to visit her dad Read More ›

The Poacher

By Jonathan Rogers

In Volume 1 of The Molehill I had a story called “The Flintknapper.” The events of that story were inspired by the following true story about a cousin of mine who was once mistaken for an alligator poacher. Read More ›

What Andy Gullahorn Taught Me About Songwriting

By Andrew Peterson

[I wrote this to encourage every single person on earth to purchase Beyond the Frame, the new album by Andy Gullahorn. Get it here. There’s also a great review of the album by Jonathan Rogers here. –AP] Read More ›

RR Interview: Rebecca Reynolds

By John Barber

Ron Block’s new album, Walking Song, released two weeks ago, and although it has Ron’s mug on the cover, there’s another person that’s responsible for the lyrical content inside. Rebecca Reynolds, long-time Read More ›

Confessions of a Clan Clasher and Candy Crusher

By Travis Prinzi

I haven’t written in a long time. Not just at the Rabbit Room, but anywhere. I wish there were some genuinely good reason for this, like transient loss of finger movement, or that my brain suddenly started thinking only in Japanese for a few months straight. But there isn’t. Read More ›

Beyond The Frame Listening Party

By The Rabbit Room

Congratulations on the new record, Andy. Thanks to everyone who listened, commented, and shared during our Beyond the Frame launch party. If you missed it, you’ll find Andy’s compiled song descriptions below along with previews of each song. Read More ›

The Worst Beekeeper in the World

By Jonathan Rogers

The honeybee, that busy little alchemist, is a marvel. No other insect has inspired so much poetry, so much rapturous prose. After a few of my friends got bee hives and raved about the contemplative pleasures of beekeeping, I decided to take up the hobby myself. Here is my story. Read More ›

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