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  1. Mark Geil

    “Yo, AP, I’m really happy for you. I’mma let you finish, but Demon Hunter had one of the best Recorded Music Packagings of all time. One of the best of all time!”

  2. Matthew

    Congrats! I love this album! The depth and the meaning behind the whole album have been an immense help to me in the last year. I not only have been through the journey with you, but I feel the album is my journy personally. Keep up the work Andrew! I still love Counting Stars, it is the sweet kiss at night at the end of a hard day and Light for the Lost Boy is the hope and renewal as the morning sun shines in the window.

  3. Andrew Peterson


    Thanks so much, you guys. It’s odd how differently this feels as a 39-year-old compared to what it might have felt like early in my career. I’ve been struggling a bit these last few days with what exactly is going on in my heart in light of this news. It’s a bit of a minefield. But mixed in with all the potential for sin (pride, feigned indifference, idolatry, misdirected hope, [fill in the blank]), there is at least a little peppering of light–the sincere hope that at the very least, because of the nomination the songs (and the One these songs are about) will find their way into more people’s hearts. The point is: thanks! I’m grateful.

  4. Bailey Gillespie

    Great attitude, Andrew. I know I for one came to know your music through an unexpected source (your Songs & Stories tour w/ SCC), so only think how many more lives might be blessed through hearing of you through this opportunity. Carry on. 🙂

  5. Carrie Luke

    Wow!!! Congrats AP and everyone whose fingerprints are on LFTLB!!!

    I am happy for your recognition. That’s the irony-you were nominated for the albulm that is so uniquely personal. Even the title was a bit out of the box for mainstream music.

    It is a beautiful piece of work AP, and it excites me that it could lead people to your other works. Your music is a gospel bridge. Plain and simple. God uses it in a very special way.

    Well done.:)

  6. Peter B

    Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men.

    Well, hopefully he’ll stand before a few of us obscure folks on the tour, but Solomon’s point still stands. Well done, and I hope you and the gang get all kinds of great publicity from this.

  7. April Pickle

    Whenever this album makes some “Top 10” list or AP gets invited to the Opry, I think back to the RR post “How to make a record Part 1.” “Jesu juva” was the prayer then. “Jesu juva” is the prayer now.
    And whenever I arrogantly think that my beloved RR artists are too good for the pop world, or that I’m better than the people in the pop world, I remember that I first heard Andrew Peterson on the radio.
    Ooohhh, take cover, Mr. Proprietor. This is a good thing. Congratulations!

  8. Michael Crosswhite

    Dude, WHAT?! This is awesome! Long time comin’ actually! There are few artists (I struggle to think of one that isn’t associated with the Rabbit Room) that have the ability to carry a powerful narrative through an entire record like Andrew Peterson. When someone tells me, “I bought an Andrew Peterson song!” I usually say, “What? ONE SONG? That’s like eating the chocolate chips out of the cookie dough! Sure, it’s good, but it’s better if you eat it all together!” The acclaim for this album is much deserved. I found myself, a number of times, in tears as I felt the pain of the Lost Boy, and then sobbed when I looked at my 1 year old son – knowing he too was about to feel the same things I did. After “Don’t you want to thank someone,” I was left with, “Come back soon!” ringing in my ears. It was like a music-novel where every track was a chapter. It takes tremendous talent to do that. Job well done, friend.

  9. Brent

    Congratulations to AP, and the album’s producers (Ben Shive, Cason Cooley), photographer (Laura Dart), and creative director (Katie Moore) on the nominations!

    p.s. Can anyone explain why there are twenty-one nominees (yes, 21) for song of the year? Most categories just have five.

  10. Jeanine

    I love your response. That just shows your heart and the true reason you write these songs. And it also explains why God uses them to deeply affect our walk with Him.

  11. James Witmer

    Congratulations, Andrew!

    I like what Matthew said about the complementary nature of Counting Stars and Light for the Lost Boy, and April’s comment about prayer and pride.

    Most of all I’m thankful to live in a world where beauty like this is, not only created, but even (occasionally) recognized.

    There’s some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for!
    — Samwise the Brave

  12. Rachel R.

    This makes me think of a Rich Mullins interview I read in Release I think it was. It went something like this:

    What’s the one question no one has ever asked you?
    Rich: Does it bother you to be nominated for Dove Awards that you will never ever win?
    Does it?
    Rich: No. Not really.

    That may sound like a downer, but I mean for it be encouraging. 1. You’re in good company. 2. Even if you don’t win, you’re in good company.

  13. Matthew

    Keep dancing through those minefields Andrew. The very fact you are struggling with those thorns in the flesh shows that God has been preparing you for this point. I always have to remind myself these days that it is not about me. I cannot let my sin be the downfall, but turn/repent, rest in Christ’s love, and let Him be the glory. After all, we are jars of clay used for much greater things!

  14. Lisa

    Congratulations, Andrew and gang!! You are doing work that deserves to be recognized, and I’m glad that these nominations will (hopefully) bring you a boost on those days when you wonder if anyone out there appreciates what you do.

    And, if this could possibly mean that your Lost Boy tour might be extended….may I humbly suggest that Canada would be a great place to come??? And not just the east – there’s more to Canada than Toronto.,…say, Alberta, perhaps??? Edmonton?? Or a little town in the midst of the foothills, where the crowd might not be large but would make up for lack of numbers in enthusiasm and appreciation???

    Just wondering……. 🙂

  15. Dawn

    Just wanted to say congratulations Andrew and all the wonderful musicians. I’m so glad someone had the thought to write down what every Mom and Dad wishes they could say to their precious children…and to the children living in us. More grace. More grace upon us all.

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