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The Story Goes On (by James Witmer)

By Story Warren

Why do we read sad stories, especially to children? James Witmer is a good dad with a good answer.  –S.D. “Sam” Smith, Story Warren Read More ›

A Hutchmoot Trilogy

By Janna Barber

A few months after coming home from Hutchmoot 2012, I stumbled onto an analogy for my three-year experience with this conference: Star Wars! Read More ›

Coming Soon: Audiobook – Behold the Lamb of God

By Pete Peterson

For the last six or seven months, amid a lot of personal turmoil (which you can—and should—read about here), Russ Ramsey has been working on the audiobook of his most excellent advent narrative, Behold the Lamb of God. Read More ›

How to Read Moby Dick

By Jonathan Rogers

Moby Dick is one of those books that everyone knows about but very few people have actually read—though, for some reason, people feel that they ought to have read it. I wish I could release Read More ›

Why is The Molehill?

By Pete Peterson

“What is the Molehill?”

People ask me the question all the time. I usually tell them it’s the Rabbit Room’s literary journal, and then Read More ›

The Singing Bush and a World of Wonders

By Jonathan Rogers

I love that scene in The Three Amigos in which Dusty, Lucky, and Ned encounter the Singing Bush. They’re trying to find El Guapo, and, in classic fairy tale fashion, they get vague instructions: go to the Singing Bush and there summon the Invisible Swordsman. Here’s the scene: Read More ›

RR interview: Ellie Holcomb

By Matt Conner

Every holiday season, many of us enjoy the old, old story of Christmas told through the songs of Andrew Peterson and friends. Behold the Lamb of God has become a holiday tradition in the last decade, and the Proprietor serves Read More ›

Alone in the Light

By Alyssa Ramsey

There was a dead beetle on the bathroom floor the night I got home from Hutchmoot.

I thought it was dead, anyway, until I turned on the light. The sudden illumination set off whatever Read More ›

Hutchmoot Sound Off

By The Rabbit Room

Wow. Thank you. Thank you all so much for making Hutchmoot 2013 such an unforgettable weekend. I can hardly believe you let us keep doing this. I mean really, seriously, I can’t believe we get to have this much fun. I’m humbled, honored, and amazed. Read More ›

What is Hutchmoot?

By The Rabbit Room

Hutchmoot is famously difficult to describe. If you’re like many, you’re packing your bags this week and making last-minute travel plans and deflecting lots of questions from friends and family like “What exactly Read More ›

Let There Be Pipes

By Pete Peterson

[Brian Rowley is well-known among many of the Rabbit Room’s pipe smoking ilk for his incredible, hand-crafted, artisan pipes. For most of the past year he’s been working on a special project. Here he is to tell you all about it. —Pete] Read More ›

Soul Walking

By Sarah Clarkson

I believe there is a room at center of my being. Large, light brimmed, and quiet. Windows make its walls, and through them I gaze upon skies and stars only visible to my inner eye. When my soul dwells there, I am Read More ›

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