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The Audiobook of Behold the Lamb of God

By Russ Ramsey

[The digital audiobook of Behold the Lamb of God: An Advent Narrative is available in the Rabbit Room store. Ebook available via Amazon.]
Read More ›

Concerning Beauty

By Jonathan Rogers

“There is but one sin,” wrote G.K. Chesterton: “to call a green leaf grey.” Which is to say, every kind of sin derives from a willful refusal to see and enjoy the beauty, the glimmers of transcendence that surround us. Read More ›

December’s Song

By Pete Peterson

Okay, I know, I know, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet—but I’m going to talk about Christmas music anyway.

Buddy Greene is one of the nicest and most likable guys in Nashville. Every time he drops by the RR office, Read More ›

God be thanked for the life of C. S. Lewis

By Sarah Clarkson

“Come, let us worship God, wonderful in his saints!”

So ended Michael Ward’s introduction in our program today for the C.S. Lewis memorial service. And that Read More ›

The Joys of Sad Stories

By Jonathan Rogers

A while back a couple of little girls came into my wife’s library and asked, “Do you have any sad books?” What a great question. There’s a lot to love about sad stories. For one thing, sad stories remind us what really matters to us. We feel sadness at the loss (or else the absence) of things we value. Read More ›

Flannery O’Connor’s Prayer Journal: A Review

By Jonathan Rogers

As you may have heard by now, Farrar Straus & Giroux recently published the prayer journal of a very young Flannery O’Connor. William A. Sessions, an old friend of O’Connor’s and, deo volente, Read More ›

The Holy Longing of Happily Ever After (by Josh Bishop)

By Story Warren

Josh Bishop shared this post at Story Warren and I thought you guys would love it as much as I did, especially the ending. –S.D. “Sam” Smith Read More ›

RR Interview: Arthur Alligood

By Matt Conner

If you were at this year’s Hutchmoot, you will undoubtedly remember the moment a roomful of people came alive to a new voice among the mix of Square Pegs and Friends. Arthur Alligood hadn’t picked up a guitar in over a year, Read More ›

Pushing Through

By Pete Peterson

Several years ago I joined a couple of friends to form a reading group in which our chief aim was to read books that we should have but have not. Paradise Lost was the first we read and there’s been a long list of Read More ›

RR Interview: Russ Ramsey

By Matt Conner

As the Advent season approaches, Behold The Lamb of God will be a popular topic of conversation around the Rabbit Room. Andrew Peterson’s album and subsequent tour has become a beloved tradition for many at Read More ›

Paying Attention

By Jonathan Rogers

A while back I was in the library checking my email on the public computers. The patrons of the library’s public computers constitute what may politely be called a cross-section of humanity. At Read More ›

Liturgical Fads? 5 Questions for Thomas McKenzie, Author of The Anglican Way

By Pete Peterson

Sam Smith just posted an interview with Thomas McKenzie about his forthcoming book, The Anglican Way. Here’s an excerpt, but please check out the entire interview on Sam’s website. Read More ›

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