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Here Be Dragons

By Jonathan Rogers

At the most recent Hutchmoot, Andrew Peterson and I gave a talk called “Writing Close to the Earth.” Andrew got on the subject of sehnsucht, that Read More ›

With Every Act Of Love

By Jason Gray

“With Every Act of Love” was the last song to be written for my new record. Knowing I didn’t really have a song that felt like the lead single, I turned to N. T. Wright’s Surprised By Hope for inspiration in a writing Read More ›

Neighbors Episode 1: Our Father

By Pete Peterson

A few weeks ago, Jakob Lewis (a friend from church) sent me the first episode of his new podcast, Neighbors, wondering if it might be of interest to the Rabbit Room community. He said it featured a story Read More ›

Behold the Lamb of God: Touring with a Beautiful Community of Artists

By The Rabbit Room

I’ll never forget the call. I was being asked to join Andrew Peterson’s Behold the Lamb of God tour as their special guest. Did they have the right number? I had seen the show for the first time the year before and Read More ›

Those Between Faith and Doubt

By David Michael Bruno

Saint Augustine wrote a small book in 393 that I like to use as a reminder. The book, Faith and the Creed, was an address he gave to a plenary council of the African Church. In it, he exposits a combination of the Nicene and Romano-Milanese creeds. As Read More ›

Hutchmoot Retreat: Back from the Desert

By Pete Peterson

First of all, let me apologize to Andy Gullahorn for the awful Beyond the Frame joke you see in the picture above; I stole it from Sally Zaengle so you can blame her. That’s Kathleen Norris being a good sport with the guitar. Read More ›

The Long Way (by Alyssa Ramsey )

By Story Warren

[We were so delighted to publish this at Story Warren because it zeros in on so much of what we are aiming for. But this doesn’t only apply to children and families. Thank you so much for this, Alyssa. —Sam] Read More ›

Subjects With Objects Unplugged, Pt. 3

By Doug McKelvey

An Explanation for the Uninitiated:
Subjects With Objects is an ongoing, collaborative art project forever ordered according to the following Read More ›

An Epic Tale in Eight Hours a Day

By Jen Rose Yokel

When my aunt passed away, I inherited a little black journal of my grandfather’s that she had kept. It’s just big enough to hold in one hand, the paper so soft and thin, and his light, somewhat cramped penciled Read More ›

A Valentine’s Day Meditation

By Jonathan Rogers

“I was terribly shy as a boy,” the man said. “Excruciatingly shy. But in third grade there was a girl I liked, and somehow I mustered up the courage to tell her so on the school bus. And she said she liked me too.” He smiled a wistful Read More ›

Trusting the Images: Vapor flirting and flitting

By David Mitchel

When the purport of the images—what they say to our fear and hope and will and affections — seems to conflict with the theological abstractions, trust the purport of the images every time. —C. S. Lewis, Letters to Malcolm: Chiefly on Prayer 52 (1963)

Read More ›

The Original Feechie

By Jonathan Rogers

When I was a graduate student at Vanderbilt, I went back to my hometown in Georgia to work on a remodeling crew. One of my crewmates was a boy named Jake. He was seventeen and skinny but Read More ›

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