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Worship con Queso

By Carolyn Arends

Given an opportunity to contribute something here at the Rabbit Room, this piece came immediately to mind. Why? For starters, it’s inspired by some things C.S. Lewis (The Patron Rabbit? The Grand Hare?) Read More ›

Why Are Storytellers Often Bad Preachers and Preachers Often Bad Storytellers?

By S. D. Smith

This subject deserves more attention, but consider this a timid foray into a field with tall grass and various lurking beasts all of which this adventurer cannot hope to see. Read More ›

Keep Singing

By Ben Shive

Some mornings you wake up and you know you’ve tossed and turned the heavy covers right off the bed in the night, and you wonder “What is this weight on my chest?” and then you realize—it’s THE ENTIRE WORLD. I was having one of those. Read More ›

On Monuments

By Matt Conner

[Author’s note: I originally wrote this in February during my first chance to process life after the birth of our first child. It also happened to be the one-year anniversary of our move to Nashville. A couple friends Read More ›

An Artful Ally to Parents: Jennifer Trafton

By S. D. Smith

Almost nothing is as refreshing to parents as someone who will come alongside you in the fight to love and shape your children. This informs the mission we’re on at Story Warren, so I try to be attuned to this Read More ›

New Release: Melanie Penn’s Hope Tonight

By Melanie Penn

[Editor’s note: Melanie Penn’s album Wake Up Love was an instant hit for me, and it’s also one of my very favorite of Ben Shive’s productions. Ben and Melanie have been working on this second record for a long time, and I’m so glad the rest of you finally get to hear it.] Read More ›

Mystery Unsolved

By David Michael Bruno

It happened driving home the other day and I am nearly sure it was not my fault. Yes, I was on the phone and the conversation was a touch heated. But, like always, I talked hands-free and cut my usual path northbound in the next-to-fast lane without Read More ›

This is what joy looks like


This is what joy looks like:

It looks like walking over the lawn in that time Read More ›

New Short: The Oracle of Philadelphia

By Pete Peterson

You may recall that I’m on a mission to write a short story each month this year. I started in February, and that story was released in March—The Timely Arrival of Barnabas Bead is available here. I know, I know, Read More ›

Coffee Shop Symphony

By Matt Conner

“If you want to get in touch with creation, ride the bus or take the subway.” -maybe, possibly, Eugene Peterson

Read More ›

Release Day: Death in Reverse

By The Rabbit Room

Jeremy Casella tends to be the Square Peg that lurks unnoticed in the background, so you’re forgiven if you aren’t a fan yet. But while he’s lurking back there, he’s making great music, and this new album has been a Read More ›

The Power of a Building Block

By Chris Yokel

Note: This post contains some major plot spoilers for The Lego Movie

When I was a kid, my brother and I had two boxes of treasure. You could run your hand through them and Read More ›

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