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Beyond the Region of Thunder: Flannery O’Connor’s Last Days

By Jonathan Rogers

[Editor’s Note: This Sunday, August 3, is the fiftieth anniversary of Flannery O’Connor’s death. This memorial is adapted from Jonathan’s biography of O’Connor, The Terrible Speed of Mercy, which is available in the Rabbit Room store.] Read More ›

Hobbits and Adaptations

By Chris Yokel

The first trailer for the last Hobbit film has been released, which signals the re-commencement of The Battle of the Five (or more) Opinions of The Hobbit Films. Here in the Rabbit Room we are passionate Read More ›

Digging Tunnels

By Andrew Peterson

I’m writing from the bench at the bend in the trail. When we moved to the Warren these woods were a claustrophobic tangle of thorn, privet, and bush honeysuckle (don’t be fooled by the name–bush honeysuckle is a Read More ›

Waiting for the Artist


There is no such thing as art. There are only artists.

—Ernst Gombrich, The Story of Art Read More ›

Interview: Counting Crows

By Matt Conner

If you’re already a Counting Crows fan, then it’s likely you fell in love with the emotional displays of Adam Duritz somewhere along the way. I bought three copies of August and Everything After, the band’s debut album, my junior year of high school after wearing out several copies as songs like “Anna Begins,” “Round Here,” and “Raining in Baltimore” hit me with a strong emotional resonance. The Read More ›

Gonna take a while . . .

By Barbara Lane

“Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am.” —Parker Palmer

I recently spent some time sorting through boxes in my parent’s garage in preparation for an epic yard sale Read More ›

Glory Be (II)

By Rebecca Reynolds

To Him who presses curiosities four-to-a-row
across the dimpled backs of infant hands;
Glory be. Read More ›

The Making of a Home

By Chris Yokel

Clean your little corner up and see what starts to change” –Andrew Osenga, “Don’t Lose Heart”

When I think of myself being “creative,” I default to my natural gifts, poetry and songwriting. But in the Read More ›

Glory Be (I)

By Rebecca Reynolds

To Him who permits the storm-torn hickory to cross upon itself,
savage as thrown ink lines,
Glory be. Read More ›

Shady Characters

By David Michael Bruno

Here is a literary exercise which might help illuminate a dilemma nagging my real life. When we are done with the exercise, hopefully, you can give me counsel.

Read More ›

The Leaning Stones

By Jamin Still

I recently had a conversation with my pastor about how visual art might be used to enhance or possibly expand the congregation’s worship experience at our church. He speaks to us every week, but what if I got Read More ›

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