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Song of the Week: “The Mantis & The Moon”

By Matt Conner

We were honored to host Chris Slaten, a.k.a. Son of Laughter, for the inaugural house show at North Wind Read More ›

Rembrandt Is in the Wind

By Russ Ramsey

[The following is an excerpt from my essay by the same title in the forthcoming Molehill, Vol. III.]

Rembrandt is in the wind. Read More ›

Bonifer Squoon and the Cat Hair of Doom

By Joe Sutphin

This past February, the Wolf King team hit crunch time. I was in full swing, inking one illustration per evening after work and two per day on the weekends. I was also in the throes of finalizing art for an early Read More ›

Now Available: The World According to Narnia

By The Rabbit Room

Imagination is a serious business. It gives substance to our yearnings for something beyond ourselves. Imagination is what convinces us that there is more to the world than meets the eye. And isn’t that the first principle of faith?

Read More ›

Tradecraft: Seeing What You See

By Jonathan Rogers

Originality may be the most overrated of the writerly virtues. Much more important is the skill of seeing what’s in front of you and rendering it faithfully. Read More ›

Emily and I

By Jen Rose Yokel

What did you love in your high school years? A band? A movie? A book that kept you up all night? It’s amazing how, in that fragile time between becoming an adult and Read More ›

Sustainability and Place

By David Michael Bruno

The antidote to an unsustainable life is to stick around a place.

I have been thinking about this a bit. At the university where I work, this semester I am teaching as an adjunct, handling the Read More ›

Showing the Locals

By The Rabbit Room

Last night’s Local Show was pretty incredible. Thanks to Andy Gullahorn for leading the team and to Jill Phillips, Jeremy Casella, and Andrew Osenga for such a great evening of music. Jill played Read More ›

Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

By Pete Peterson

I’ll go ahead and assume everyone’s already heard that U2’s new album, Songs of Innocence, is available for free from iTunes. That’s a great deal right there. I’m a giant U2 fan and I’m still Read More ›

Work in Progress – Christmas Cards

By Jamin Still

Here are the first few cards that I’ve painted. I took a lot of your suggestions and, well, take a look! This has been a fun project and I think I’m going to do more. One of the reasons for this is when I painted the Read More ›

From Smallest Seed: Music inspired by community and conservation

By Sandra McCraken

There are so many things to care about, so many broken things that need fixing, so many wounds that need mending, so much good waiting to happen in our world. As a songwriter by vocation and a biology Read More ›

The Thin Places of Fantasy

By Chris Yokel

Why would you go back to normal, if you found out that life could be so much more? If you found a reality so much better than what the world was offering you? Read More ›

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