Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For


I’ll go ahead and assume everyone’s already heard that U2’s new album, Songs of Innocence, is available for free from iTunes. That’s a great deal right there. I’m a giant U2 fan and I’m still waiting for a chance to listen to the record. My fingers are crossed. The release reminded me of this, though, which I meant to share several weeks ago. It’s a cover of U2’s “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” by Jenny & Tyler, with special guests Sara Groves and a virtual choir of internet folks (anyone here in that choir?). It’s pretty awesome. Check it out.

Pete Peterson is the author of the Revolutionary War adventure The Fiddler’s Gun and its sequel Fiddler’s Green. Among the many strange things he’s been in life are the following: U.S Marine air traffic controller, television editor, art teacher and boatwright at the Florida Sheriffs Boys Ranch, and progenitor of the mysterious Budge-Nuzzard. He lives in Nashville with his wife, Jennifer, where he's the Executive Director of the Rabbit Room and Managing Editor of Rabbit Room Press.


  1. Laure Hittle

    Beautiful. Thank you for posting that.

    Don’t be scared, Pete. i speak out of utter ignorance, as the new album is the first U2 i’ve ever listened to and thus i have no basis for comparison, but i love it. If that’s not an authoritative endorsement, i don’t know what is.

  2. JJ

    I’m a huge U2 fan and for the most part love the album. There are songs I don’t like, but the songs that I love I just can’t stop listening to (every U2 album has had hits and misses for me).

    I won’t even comment about the hate going around because auto sync downloaded the album to some people’s phones. :-

  3. Dave Bruno

    It seems to me one of the troubles of being a U2 fan is that they’ve been around for so darn long. The difference between the first time I saw them during their Joshua Tree tour and the last time at the Rose Bowl during their 360 tour is inexpressible.

    I have to say this, though. While I really enjoy their newer music, it’s the older songs that get the crowds amped up in concert. Not sure that observation is worth much or says anything about their latest album.

  4. Joshua

    I’m going to get controversial and say that I like it better than the original! Please understand that to be a comment on this not on U2 (who I love!).

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