Work in Progress – Christmas Cards


Here are the first few cards that I’ve painted. I took a lot of your suggestions and, well, take a look! This has been a fun project and I think I’m going to do more. One of the reasons for this is when I painted the squirrel, several people told me it looked evil—its eye creeped them out. But it turns out that its creepy eye is what made it a favorite among several other friends. You can’t please them all.

Or maybe you can. I figured, why not make another line of cards, a line of slightly odd and creepy Christmas cards for my friends who appreciate the slightly odd and creepy? And so that’s what I’m going to do.


Stories have kindled Jamin Still’s imagination since he was small. As a child he drew and painted and dreamed, and the power of those things in his life never diminished. He went on to study painting in college and now he paints and writes for a living. Jamin works and lives in a little stone house with his wife and three young children in Wichita, Kansas.


  1. Alyssa K.

    Seeing these has made my day wonderful! I love the brownish tones you gave the fox, it’s just perfect…so is the squirrel, creepy eye and all! Will we get to see this grizzly bear too? Thank you for sharing your artwork!

  2. Laure Hittle

    i second the wish for a view of the lobidious grizzly. 🙂

    Seriously. i love these. Every year for the last decade i’ve told myself i will finally send Christmas cards. i think this is the year.

  3. JamesDWitmer


    I’ve really enjoyed this series. I enjoy gardens, and topiary. The way you’re riffing on that idea is very cool and, being far from a visual artist, it has been neat to peek into your thought process along the way.

    I wanted to pick a favorite, to be like all the other cool people who commented. 🙂 But I couldn’t. I like them best as a set. Thank you for sharing this!

  4. Jamin Still

    Thanks, all. I finished these up last night. If you want to see the others you can head over to

    Glad you like them! And Pete… I did one just for you.

  5. Laure Hittle

    That raccoon is terrifying! The snow on the tail, the intelligent yet soulless eyes, the posture—it is clearly stalking some hapless prey (me). And i already know who’s getting the one you made for Pete. Our niece will love it. Jamin, these are awesome. 🙂

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