The light looks different this time of year.
Shafts of gold pierce trees

transient, darkening.
The earth goes to bed
a little earlier each night

because she knows she’s getting older,
fighting gravity, remembering
carefree green and dancing in the
rain, remembering emotional
thunder and flashing lightning.

But now,
she’s only wiser
and knows sleep makes all things
rested, beautiful.

And tomorrow she’ll wake early,
dress in fire-red and bands of gold
because she can
with no one left to impress
and never more alive.

Jen Rose Yokel is a poet, freelance writer, and spiritual director. Her words have appeared at She Reads Truth, CCM Magazine, and other publications, and she released her first poetry collection Ruins & Kingdoms in 2015. Originally from Central Florida, she now makes her home in Fall River, Massachusetts with her husband Chris, where you can find her enjoying used bookstores and good coffee.


  1. Lanier

    Jen, this is beautiful. That moment in autumn when I realize “the light looks different” is always one of the most poignant of the year for me. Thanks for capturing that.

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