Release Day: After All These Years


Andrew Peterson’s newest album is now available! If you pre-ordered, your CDs are in the mail and should arrive soon. If you pre-ordered a download, you can access your files by logging into your account here. If you pre-ordered your CD at Hutchmoot, your CD is on the way and you’ll receive a link to download the record later today.

If you haven’t ordered yet, here’s what you’re missing:

After All These Years is a collection of 18 songs (20 if you buy the download), including four new songs and eight brand new recordings of old favorites like “After the Last Tear Falls,” “Isn’t It Love,” and “Nothing to Say.” That’s a jam-packed CD full of good music.

Here’s the title track (one of the new songs). Grab the whole album in the Rabbit Room store.



  1. Dan H

    Hey, I pre-ordered the download/CD, but when I went to my download page and ckicked Download, it wouldn’t work. I tried on both my iPad and my Galaxy. Still got nothing. I’m not sure what to do next. Please help if you can, thanks.

  2. Melissa H

    Hey there! We pr-ordered everything around a week ago and can not get the down load to work at all. Nothing on the iPad, , Samsung tablet or laptop. Any ideas on how to get the download? 🙂 Thanks a lot!!!

  3. Scott

    No matter what happens today, this is a good day. An AP release date makes me feel like Leeli at the houndry.

  4. Gary Fischer

    So I was listening to the radio in 2000 when this song came on and I was blown away. I said to myself “who is that?”. So I called the Cincinnati station and asked them “who is that and what’s that song?” The next day I bought Carried Along. Thanks AP for the last 14 years. I’m happy “Nothing to Say” made the record.

  5. Josh Kemper

    Amen, Gary. Same story here, except the DJ in Houston said something like “That was Andrew Peterson with Nothing to Say. For having nothing to say, he sure has a lot to say.” Then, a few months later, after forgetting Andy’s name, I was assigned to be his intern assistant (basically a teenage kid who helps you find rooms, gets water, helps carry guitars or whatever) at a LIFE youth conference. When he played the set with Jamie and Gabe, probably opening with “Nothing to Say”, I realized “OH it’s him!” I got the CD and it took me 5 years to catch up with the others, because of being a poor Bible college student, but I that record sure helped carry me along, and it has been a great ride through the years. Furthermore, I’m so thankful for all the other musicians I wouldn’t have known about if it weren’t for the Rabbit Room. 80% of the music on my iPhone is from them, because most everything else has just paled in comparison. So… yes, I’m thankful too. Thanks Andy. Thanks Rabbit Room community.

  6. Thomas

    I’ve never really noticed “isnt it love” before. Now I too smile when I imagine the old man run. Thanks for your many wonderful songs AP.


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