Madison Tells You Why We Need Books


We love books. You love books. But this little girl really loves books, and she’s not afraid to tell you why. We’re currently in talks with Madison to see if she’ll anchor our speaking roster at Hutchmoot 2015.


  1. Esther O'Reilly

    Adorable. Reminds me of my sister. But, one correction: The world needs GOOD books. I’m not sure every entry in the school library would qualify.

  2. JacobT

    I just wish the camera would pan out and there would be a little dude at a Hammond B-3 who would start to give that girl a little support when she starts preaching!

  3. Jim

    I like when she goes into her cosmology of the beginning of the world…not far off. There was nothing, then God spoke. Words kicked it off.

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