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The Silent Game of Football

By Joe Sutphin

Growing up, I had a clock radio at my headboard. As a rule, I was to be in bed by ten. This posed a problem for me on Monday nights, because I had to miss my favorite show, Monday Night Football. But I had a Read More ›

Five Questions For Bluegrass Sensation Stacy Grubb

By S. D. Smith

Stacy Grubb‘s new record, From the Barroom to the Steeple, has just been released. It’s beautiful and features some amazing musicians including Stacy (voice, wow) and Ron Block (banjo, mustache). It’s so Read More ›

Capturing Beauty: Miss Pork Cuisine

By Russ Ramsey

The small Midwestern town where I was raised is idyllic in many ways. It has a city pool where I spent my boyhood summers swimming with my friends, a dignified sandstone courthouse at the intersection of Read More ›

Cracks In The Canvas: Encountering Art

By Chris Yokel

The other day I had a chance to visit the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Even though most of the exhibits remain the same, I like to go at least once every year to refresh my experience and my memory. As a Read More ›

On the Easel

By Jamin Still

This frigid January day finds me working on a number of pieces. I’m rotating them out to let the paint dry and to keep myself engaged. Doing this also gives me time to mentally work through any problems that I run into as I’m painting. Read More ›

An Interview with Russ Ramsey on Behold the King

By Jonathan Rogers

We’re just around the corner from the release of Russ Ramsey’s book, Behold the King of Glory: A Narrative of the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. In forty short chapters (just right for devotional reading), Russ tells the story of the Gospels. What I have said before about Behold the Lamb I say again about Behold the King:
Read More ›

MLK to American Christians

By Pete Peterson

I’m stealing this from Dave Bruno’s blog because it’s awesome and he forgot to post it here. Carve out a few minutes this evening, click the link below, and read Dr. King’s sermon, “Paul’s Letter to American Christians.” Happy MLK Day. Read More ›

A Month by the Sea: Finding Solitude

By Lanier Ivester

Sunday before last [editor’s note: It’s now been quite a few Sundays before last], I stood on the airstrip of this little island of ours and watched a single-engine prop plane take off and disappear into the clouds. I Read More ›

Epiphanytide, and a proposal concerning your day job

By David Mitchel

Once upon a time, many long years ago and in a land far, far away, a group of astrologers observed a stellar anomaly. Read More ›

Released: The Molehill Vol. 3

By The Rabbit Room

If you are a 2014 Rabbit Room member, your copy of The Molehill Vol. 3 is presently speeding its way toward your mailbox. If you are a 2015 Rabbit Room member, your copy of The Molehill Vol. 3 along with Read More ›

From Every Tribe and Nation, No Need for Space Colonies

By David Michael Bruno

One of my favorite anticipations of any new year is the first book I will read. Often the first book of a new year is a reread from years past, such as Augustine’s Confessions or Frederick Buechner’s Godric or C. S. Lewis’s Space Trilogy. But 2015 has started Read More ›

That Hideous Weakness

By Andrew Peterson

Nate Wilson kicked off our friendship with a bang. When he came to his first Hutchmoot the first thing he did was hand me a first edition of Till We Have Faces, which is possibly (depending on the weather) my favorite  C. S. Lewis book. Read More ›

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