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Lent Against a Million Faustian Bargains

By David Mitchel

A few weeks ago the Rabbit Room editor sent out a message to his writers soliciting posts on various subjects. Two of the subjects—Lent and politics—caught my attention, because there’s a Read More ›

Guest Post: Of Tolkien, Fairytales, and the Gift of Hope

By The Rabbit Room

[Today’s outstanding guest post is by Siobhan Maloney. Siobhan works for the Center for Cultural and Pastoral Research at the John Paul II Institute in Washington D.C. She also assists with their Read More ›

The City Our Eyes Cannot See

By Doug McKelvey

I love “found poetry” for the unexpected connections it forces the poet to make. When I occasionally attempt to craft such offerings myself, I lean heavily on the variation of the genre Read More ›

Interview With Designer/Illustrator Glenn Hernandez

By Joe Sutphin

I would like to introduce all of my Rabbit Room friends to illustrator, Glenn Hernandez. I discovered Glenn’s art on Instagram a few years ago, while he was working through some Wind in Read More ›

Song of the Week: “Bluebird”

By The Rabbit Room

Once upon a time, slugs and bugs weren’t capitalized and Randall Goodgame was a solo artist with sweet, Read More ›

The Romance of the Gospel

By Jen Rose Yokel

[Loosely adapted from my portion of the Hutchmoot 2014 session “The Romance of the Gospel”*]

Five years or so ago, I took swing dancing lessons in the name of trying scary things. Read More ›

Lenten Splendor

By Sarah Clarkson

I didn’t even wear a coat for the walk to my coffee shop today. The air is honey-toned and soft. The sky is so vividly blue it flashes in, arresting as flame through the windows of the lecture hall in the Read More ›

A Poem for Jamie

By Andrew Peterson

This is a poem I wrote for my sweet wife a few years ago. It was published in the third volume of The Molehill and I post it here because it’s February, when people talk about love and stuff. Read More ›

Guest Post: Always a King or Queen: C. S. Lewis on Childhood (Part 2)

By The Rabbit Room

[This week’s guest post (in two parts) is by Matthew Aughtry, whom you may recall created this short film, and this “What is Hutchmoot” short. Check out Matthew’s Vimeo channel to see his Read More ›

How The Voyage of the Peacock Came to Be

By Jamin Still

Here’s a painting I finished last month, called The Voyage of the Peacock. It’s 20″x 20″. I shared an in-progress shot with you in January and so I thought some of you might be interested to see how it Read More ›

Song of the Week: “Line in the Sand”

By The Rabbit Room

Andy Gullahorn is hilarious. “Skinny Jeans,” quick wit, self-deprecation, all of that. But if you only know Read More ›

The Charniaz Express

By Heidi Johnston

Once in a while, I get to ride the Charniaz Express. Nestled in the Alps between the villages of Les Gets and Morzine, close to the border of France and Switzerland, it is a chairlift with a magic all its Read More ›

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