Song of the Week: “Line in the Sand”


Andy Gullahorn is hilarious. “Skinny Jeans,” quick wit, self-deprecation, all of that. But if you only know Andy as a funny songwriter, you’ve completely missed the boat on an exceptional artist. Beyond The Frame was released last year and featured one stirring track after another, each marked by Andy’s incredible ability to turn the song’s meaning or perspective on a dime. The end result is always striking, and this song, which Andy sang at the last Local Show, is a great example.

“Line in the Sand”
by Andy Gullahorn
from the album Beyond the Frame


When I was a kid
The second of four
I remember my dad would sometimes
call me by my brother’s name
It bothered me then
I thought if he loved me more
There’s no way that he’d repeat the same mistake
I swore to him that when I’d finally grown
I would never do that sort of thing
But now that I’ve got three kids of my own
I love them and confuse them just the same

What I thought was true
What I thought was right
Sure looks a little different after all this time
No the truth won’t change
But perspective can
So much for the line in the sand
So much for the line in the sand

There was a time
I was on fire
I had a love for a Word I thought I knew but didn’t understand
‘Cause I used it as a weapon
To judge from on high
With no love or grace for any who were struggling
But struggles of my own I could not hide
And I found myself among the least of men
So you might imagine my surprise
As I came to recognize myself in them

Nobody knows what he wrote on the ground
Between the men with the stones and the one left to die
But there in the sand in front of that crowd
Was the sweep of a hand erasing a line
So give a name to your fear
Put a face to the name
Take a look at the tears in the eye of that face
and feel the pain
Take a walk in his shoes and feel something change
And know it’s not the truth
No it’s not the truth
It’s you


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