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On Living a Story Formed Life: Sarah Clarkson Live from Oxford

By S. D. Smith

Our favorite Oxford student (since some dude named Jack Lewis) was recently interviewed about “living a storyformed life.” I thought it’d be swell to share that here. Sarah talks about The Rabbit Room, her new Read More ›

Josh Garrels on His New Album: Home

By Matt Conner

In retrospect, Home was an obvious result.

In the few years following Love & War & The Sea In Between, Josh Garrels found an ever-increasing, Read More ›

England: Day Five (Part Two)

By Eric Peters


HAY-ON-WYE Read More ›

Designing a Book Cover: Dr. Critchlore’s School for Minions

By Joe Sutphin

After reading the manuscript for Dr. Critchlore’s School for Minions, the cover was the first piece of art I was asked to take on—and this was my very first book cover. So I quickly went to work designing a Read More ›

England: Day Five (Interlude)

By Eric Peters


HAY-ON-WYE Read More ›

The Legacy of Terry Pratchett

By Chris Yokel

Several weeks ago, I heard the news that Sir Terry Pratchett, British fantasy author extraordinaire, had finally succumbed to the terrible disease of Alzheimer’s. At the time I happened to be in the middle of Read More ›

The Illness of Mental Horror: Sketching At Coffee Demons

By Chris Stewart

Or is it the horror of mental illness? Sometimes, something as simple as your morning cup of coffee can evoke a sensation of horror—given the right mental state. Read More ›

England: Day Four

By Eric Peters


OXFORD Read More ›

The Audacity of Cinderella

By Rebecca Reynolds

Yesterday I watched Kenneth Branagh’s Cinderella. After the movie began, I sat in the dark theater measuring my expectations, waiting for the old, familiar fairytale to be deconstructed. I’ve seen enough Read More ›

Why It Matters

By S. D. Smith

Why do the arts matter? Why does beauty matter?

I don’t believe I have ever heard a better explanation than the song “Why It Matters,” by Sara Groves. I can Read More ›

Music City Marathon

By Jonathan Rogers

Last April I ran the Music City Half-Marathon with my fifteen-year-old son. I ran most of it, anyway. Between Mile Marker 10 and Mile Marker 11 I decided I’d had as much fun as I could stand and sent my son on ahead while I walked a little, trotted a little, walked some more. Read More ›

Guest Post: Southern Inklings and a Texas Oasis (by R. M. Sanders)

By The Rabbit Room

[Editor’s note: On March 26-29 Laity Lodge welcomed us back to the Texas Hill Country for the 2nd annual Rabbit Room Retreat. The weekend was an enormous delight and today’s guest writer, Randi Sanders, recounts the experience.] Read More ›

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