Flesh – Track 4: “Fight Like A Man”


This song is about realizing you aren’t quite as amazing as you think you are. Your problems probably aren’t any more unique or heartbreaking than anybody else’s. I’m a 4 on the enneagram personality test, so maybe this song is just for us 4s. Because we think we’re special and we do dumb things so we can justify feeling that way.

“Fight Like A Man”
from Andrew Osenga’s Flesh EP


I was raging like a prophet
I was hungry as a cub
I was sure as a young man never taken punches yet
read a book and thinks he’s wise
I had expectations
I had my birthright
I had a vision of who I was, fell in love with it like a drunk found that light
but oh hey, I’m fine

cause I fight like a man, fly like a dove
hide when I can’t, lie when I don’t
how about you?

me, I got rich, white problems as big as my TV
I got open doors left and right
who’s to say where I might feel the call next week?
my dreams have swept me out to sea

I have this sick feeling there’s something in the wind
the scene before the doctor calls and nothing stays the same at all
I hope I’m wrong again
sometimes I get like this

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