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To the Heart through a Wound

By Russ Ramsey

The Samaritans were the descendants of Israel’s northern kingdom who had intermarried with their Assyrian captors after they were carried off into exile in 722 BC. The Jews regarded the Samaritans as Read More ›

Peter Thiel and N. T. Wright on Technology, Hope, and the End of Death

By Pete Peterson

[I came across this fascinating article last week. It’s a conversation between Peter Thiel, the co-co-founder of Paypal, and N. T. Wright, one of my favorite theologians. The topic was the nature of Death and its place Read More ›

Storm on the Mountain

By Sarah Clarkson

A jaunt to the mountains is always a good idea. I especially like it when I want to interrogate God about the direction of my life, while also letting him know I’m a little miffed with the current particulars. Several Read More ›

In the Studio with Andrew Peterson

By Sarah Bramblett

As tourists pause to take pictures on the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial, very few notice that the careful spacing of the stairs symbolizes the years of the Civil War. Some steps represent seasons of particular Read More ›

Discussion: Inside Out

By Pete Peterson

A new Pixar movie is always cause for celebration. But with such a long string of films that are more like soft, huggable security blankets than mere films, I always go into the theater a bit anxious, worried that I’m Read More ›

No Half Responses

By David Michael Bruno

This is only a small reflection on a large theme. A few videos and animations have made the rounds in recent years. These show the scale of the universe. I like being able to scroll from the smallest to largest known object in the universe, and it is fun to see Read More ›

Napping for Success

By Jonny Jimison

[Editor’s note: For more of Jonny’s work, be sure to check out his graphic novel, Martin & Marco, in the store, and visit his website to see what else he’s been up to when he’s not napping for inspiration.] Read More ›

Twenty Years

By Russ Ramsey

“When an old man dies, a library burns to the ground.” – African Proverb

Twenty years ago when I married my wife, I did not know her. And she did not know me. We were two. Read More ›

England: Day Six

By Andrew Peterson

Eric slept soundly that night in Hay-on-Wye, little Z’s floating up from his beard and hovering near the ceiling for a few moments before gliding down to rest on the many old books piled around him. I slipped out of my bed, army Read More ›



This essay is adapted from my plenary session, “Notebooks and Number 2 Pencils,” at the From Death Unto Life conference in Franklin, Tennessee earlier this year. Read More ›

From the North Wind Library: More Than Words

By Sarah Bramblett

Like beauty, books are meant to be shared. The library at North Wind Manor has been created as a place for books to be shared. With sections such as “Ghost Stories” and “Literary studies,” “Rabbit Room Read More ›


By Jonathan Rogers

A few years back I was the copywriter on a team that was working on an ad campaign for a huge national organization. We were in a meeting one day with Read More ›

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