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Death and Desire in the Shadows

By Chris Yokel

I’ve always considered Jon Foreman to be a prophet of sorts to the postmodern world. Ever since Switchfoot, his main musical venture, broke into the mainstream with “Meant to Live,” his songs have Read More ›

Creating a Picture Book: Part II – Things I Didn’t Think About

By Jamin Still

[This is the second post about the creation of Ellen and the Winter Wolves. You can read part I here.]

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Let’s Take It From The Top

By The Rabbit Room

Nick Flora debuted his new music video for “Let’s Take it from the Top” on Monday. How many people in the video do you recognize? Good luck getting that “Only…Lonely” ear-worm out of your head. Read More ›

New Release: In the Round, Vol. 1

By Pete Peterson

Almost four years ago, we published our first issue of The Molehill. The intent for the book, an anthology, was that it would give us an opportunity to showcase the works of different Read More ›

Storied Lives


I wrote this piece five years ago. Two years later, my Daddy was diagnosed with a merciless disease, and on Monday, August 3, at 67 years old, he passed from this life into the presence of his Savior. I’m so thankful that his sufferings are over, but the enormity of my loss will mark me for life. Read More ›

The Universe in a Cube of Cheese

By Rebecca Reynolds

My eighteen-year-old son is a math whiz. He’s the kind of kid who learns Calculus 2 from some website, then lands a perfect score on the AP test without ever taking the class. Meanwhile, I’m still struggling with five times seven.

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Mapping The Dragon Lord Saga

By Jonny Jimison

I don’t think about it a lot, but maps are kind of a big deal to me. As a kid, I would sit in the back seat of the mini-van while my mother ran errands to the grocery store and the dry Read More ›

Hogan’s House of Music

By The Rabbit Room

Throughout his life – and certainly throughout his extraordinary career – multi-instrumentalist Ron Block has been something of a musical Huck Finn, a tireless adventurer exploring various styles yet rooted firmly in the bluegrass-country tradition. Now the Read More ›

England: Day Eight

By Andrew Peterson

Pappy and I drove south from Oxford to the Isle of Wight, but not before heading to the Kilns to see C. S. Lewis’s house and then the short drive to Holy Trinity Church in Headington Quarry to see his grave. Graves are funny. Let Read More ›

Sunday, Late July

By Rebecca Reynolds

Sunday afternoon, and I’m sitting on a picnic table under an open shelter at the local state park. I’m up on a hill that looks down on the lake, watching a bunch of people messing around in the water. Maybe fifteen preschoolers are held afloat by inflatable arm rings, and Read More ›

A Cure For Head And Shoulders Syndrome

By Joe Sutphin

If you’re an illustrator and you suffer from a condition I refer to as “Head and Shoulders Syndrome,” I’m here to say there is hope.

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On Creation, First and New (by Josh Bishop)

By The Rabbit Room

[Today’s guest post comes from Josh Bishop. We think he might be a long lost cousin of Gerard Manley Hopkins. Be sure to check out his website at Josh Bishop Writes. If you’d like to submit your work to the Rabbit Room, check out our submissions policy here.

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