Let’s Take It From The Top



  1. Jessica B.

    How fun! I saw Andrew Osenga rocking on the guitar. And, is that the Book Mole rocking an upside down book?

  2. Laure Hittle

    i bet i’d recognize a lot more names than i do faces, and i’m really looking forward to that changing. 🙂

    Eric: Hilarious. Ha. 🙂

    And i loved the little bit of ASL.

  3. Peter B

    What an awesome meta-book he had 😀

    Osenga (rocking out, of course), a Trout in the local market, a very Rabbity author, some Eldritch (Eldred?) toes… man, this is so fun.

  4. Allison Redd

    I’ve discovered this is excellent music when scanning in a 40+ pg legal document in the middle of the night. Great for insomniac dance jams, FYI.

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