Let’s Take It From The Top


Nick Flora debuted his new music video for “Let’s Take it from the Top” on Monday. How many people in the video do you recognize? Good luck getting that “Only…Lonely” ear-worm out of your head.


  1. Jessica B.

    How fun! I saw Andrew Osenga rocking on the guitar. And, is that the Book Mole rocking an upside down book?

  2. Laure Hittle

    i bet i’d recognize a lot more names than i do faces, and i’m really looking forward to that changing. 🙂

    Eric: Hilarious. Ha. 🙂

    And i loved the little bit of ASL.

  3. Peter B

    What an awesome meta-book he had 😀

    Osenga (rocking out, of course), a Trout in the local market, a very Rabbity author, some Eldritch (Eldred?) toes… man, this is so fun.

  4. Allison Redd

    I’ve discovered this is excellent music when scanning in a 40+ pg legal document in the middle of the night. Great for insomniac dance jams, FYI.

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