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Martin and Marco enter the Challenge League!

By Jonny Jimison

It’s the the epic fantasy of The Lord of the Rings and the playful humor of Calvin and Hobbes—all rolled up in one hand-drawn, rollicking burst of fire-breathing fun! It’s The Dragon Lord Saga, and last year, a Read More ›

In Brokenness, Hope

By David Michael Bruno

Most years I read at least one book that shakes me to the core. A couple dozen books into 2015 I read Bryan Stevenson’s Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption (Spiegel & Grau, 2014) and it shook Read More ›

Release Day Review: Hogan’s House of Music

By Randall Goodgame

A lot of you long-time Rabbit Room readers know Ron Block from his thought-provoking posts, his playing along side Andrew Peterson at the Ryman every Christmas, his sessions at Hutchmoot, or his nights at the Read More ›

This Isn’t How I Die

By Joe Sutphin

Being able to spend every day of life immersed in your passion is a dream for many of us. I am tremendously and gratefully humbled to say that I am able to do that. But for sixteen years, my wife Gina Read More ›

Songs from the Shadows

By Heidi Johnston

A couple of weeks ago my Facebook newsfeed was invaded by a selection of animals urging me to go to the Rabbit Room Store and pre-order Andrew Peterson’s new album, The Burning Edge of Dawn. Never Read More ›

Creating a Picture Book: Part III – Kickstarter and the Final Stages

By Jamin Still

[This is the third post about the creation of Ellen and the Winter Wolves. You can read part 1 here and part 2 here.] Read More ›

The Dressing Room

By Rebecca Reynolds

School starts next week, so I’m sitting in a stall across from the stall where my teenage daughter is trying on clothes. I can see her bare feet, toes pointed together like I keep mine when I’m not sure about things. Read More ›

Shop Talk: Tools of the Trade

By Chris Yokel

I recently came across an article by Michele Filgate on Literary Hub entitled “Writers and Their Favorite Tools.” Filgate indulges in a bit of shop talk on tools of the trade, but also explores some of the nostalgia Read More ›

Hogan’s House of Music: The Why

By Ron Block

If you’ve followed me for the past several years you may have noticed some big changes lately. Here’s why:

I’ve played with Alison Krauss & Union Station for 24 years and have been content to remain in the Read More ›

Isn’t The Green Ember Like Watership Down?

By S. D. Smith

They’re both rabbit books, after all…

I get asked this fairly often, so I want to go on record with my response. Here I stand, on the record. Read More ›

Interview: Eric Peters

By Bailey Gillespie

[There are just a few hours left in Eric Peters’ Kickstarter campaign for his new album/book project, Far Side of the Sea. Get on board while you can! Bailey Gillespie recently interviewed Eric about the project Read More ›

VIDEO: Matthew Perryman Jones, “Cold Answer (Live & Acoustic)”

By Matt Conner

Most of you are likely familiar with Matthew Perryman Jones. The talented singer and songwriter was the special guest on the 2012 tour of Behold The Lamb of God, and his last full-length Read More ›

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