A Hutchmoot Request


It’s going to be a busy week. There’s a Hutchmoot coming.

Starting tomorrow, upwards of 70 staff and 150 attendees will begin traveling from around the world (literally) to convene here in our neck of the woods for four days of music, literature, good food, great conversation, and sweet communion. Our 30+ speakers are hard at work putting the finishing touches on a fantastic array of sessions. Walter Wangerin, while in relatively good health, will be traveling from northern Indiana, and I know travel is hard on him. Chef Lewis Graham is taking a deep breath and getting ready to jump into an insane four days of back-breaking work, and so are the many volunteers that are on their way to help him. Kate Hinson is descending on the church with a van full of decorations that she’s spent all year carefully thinking about and assembling. Other volunteers are about to start loading books and boxes and tables and chairs and (metaphorically and literally) setting the tables for the arrival of our guests. Musicians are rehearsing and thinking about which of their many songs are perfectly suited to play to this specific audience. Sound engineers are counting microphones and cables and trying to figure out how to make it all work flawlessly. I feel a little like one of those old guys you see in baseball movies—the ones quietly chalking the field in the big empty stadium as they make the last preparations before all the noise of the big game erupts.

I believe spiritual warfare is a reality. I believe the enemy is not only real but smart, and I believe when he sees the forces of light maneuvering for a push through the lines, he’s not foolish enough to let it go unanswered. So I humbly ask that you remember in your prayers this week all those who work so diligently to make Hutchmoot happen. Pray for their health—physical, emotional, and spiritual. Pray that those behind the microphones will be led by the Holy Spirit to convey what they alone could not. Pray that those in the audience will find what they come to find, leave what they need to leave, and return home equipped with something they cannot lose.

We love doing this. Pray we have the grace, humility, and energy to do it well. I believe the enemy hates Hutchmoot. I don’t know about you, but I take great comfort in that.



  1. Carin

    Wise words, Pete! One of these years we hope to be a part of Hutchmoot. We are going to be at a family wedding in TX so will miss this year and the release concert. We will be with you in spirit, though, and we will definitely pray for much-needed light, truth, and beauty to overflow into this dark and troubled world. God bless!

  2. Scott

    Beautifully put, Pete. Monday nights are spent in intercessory prayer at our community meetings and I will bring this for prayer this evening. We’ll be with you all in spirit if not in body.

  3. Carrie


    I think this prayer may be the best description of what HM can be: “Pray that those in the audience will find what they come to find, leave what they need to leave, and return home equipped with something they cannot lose.”

    I’m praying this for those coming with me who have never been before. And for those of us who have, I pray we will recognize that we must plead for the very same thing.

  4. Sarah Wolfe

    Praying….and thankful, because in a real way this gave me a value to the Hutchmoot weekend as an observer. Sometimes it is difficult to pray in the midst of situations, and it helps to have people removed who are praying. Happy to be able to participate in this way.

  5. Laure Hittle

    Pete. Yes. Yes. Yes. And thank you so much for all the work you do for us.

    “Down with you and likewise your master!” i shouted, and trotted to my prayer closet.

    (Note: Not an actual closet.)
    (Note addendum: YAY.)

  6. Miss Linda

    Oh, I like this. Now I have a way to participate in Hutchmoot, even though I can’t participate in Hutchmoot!
    I will pray for you all (workers, leaders and speakers, and those attending) as much as I pray for myself this week.

  7. Hannah Joy

    I don’t often comment on The Rabbit Room (even though I LOVE it!), but this post moved me a lot, just because of the realization of what it’s really all about–it’s about God and the way He works through us, whether it’s through writing books, making music, making art, speaking at conferences, or whatever we do. The Body of Christ is an amazing thing to behold when it is functioning together for the glory of God. So yes! Praying! I wish that I could be there…perhaps next year?? But yeah, thank you for posting this request, because even just you guys requesting prayer is edifying to me.

  8. Anne Ciccoline

    I was so excited to finally get a ticket this year. Unfortunately I’m not going to be able to make it due to family commitments. I’d love for someone to take my spot. Anyone out there want a last minute chance to go. I will be praying for you all, it will be an amazing time.

  9. Alyssa Ramsey

    So grateful for all of you who walk knowingly into such warfare and fight for this community. Praying for you and for us all.

  10. Tom Murphy

    Praying for y’all this weekend!

    Anne, are you trying to sell or give away your ticket?

    I didn’t have the funds this year for the ticket, but I might be able to swing the travel costs. Spring time was wedding time…Was our four month anniversary yesterday!

  11. Peter B

    Anne, if you are trying to sell the ticket, I suggest asking the Hutchmoot Facebook group (if you like, I can do a quick post there to check).

  12. Anne Ciccoline

    I found a friend of a friend who can be there this weekend. So the ticket is spoken for.

  13. JessieRae

    I am determined to be there next year. I’ve been dreaming about it since year one. Other than save my pennies, how else can I be preparing to get the most out of Hutchmoot? What books should I be reading over the next year? What podcasts should I listen to? Does that make sense…?

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