Josh Ritter: “Where The Night Goes”


Many of us are big, big fans of Josh Ritter around these parts. A few years ago, the Proprietor sounded off in a post about his love for Josh’s music and wrote, “His imagination and sense of poetry and narrative
are a rare gift, and I’m intrigued enough to keep listening.” Pete Peterson mentioned Ritter as inspiration for a recent short story, and Russ Ramsey has detailed lessons learned from seeing Ritter’s live show. In other words, if Josh Ritter is involved, we’re paying attention.

That’s why we’re excited to hear the firstfruits of his new album, Sermon on the Rocks. Here’s “Where the Night Goes”:

Matt Conner is a former pastor and church planter turned writer and editor. He’s the founder of Analogue Media and lives in Indianapolis.


  1. Derek

    You know it Matt! Josh Ritter’s new album is fantastic. So much in there to hear that reveals itself with repeated listens.

    Have to say, my favorite song is “Homecoming” —

    I love the hope in the first verse:

    I feel a change in the weather,
    I feel a change in me,
    The days are getting shorter and the birds begin to leave,
    Even me, yes, yes, y’all,
    Who has been so long alone,
    I’m headed home,
    Headed home

  2. Jack Freeman

    Thanks for the post! Just bought the album and I’m downloading now. Also heading straight to download “The Oracle of Philadelphia” because something inspired by Ritter’s “Another New World” is bound to be interesting.

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