More Story Seeds, Ellen Picture Book, and House Show


I wrote a post this spring about little stories I write (two to three sentences long) that go along with my paintings. These story starters or story seeds are designed to get the imagination of the viewer going and let them catch a glimpse of what’s in my head. Here are a few more for you that I’ve done this year.

sarah escapes the night

Sarah Escapes the Night

The swirling clouds, iron-dark and heavy, reluctantly allowed her to pass. The basket creaked as Sarah leaned forward, peering into the pale light of dawn…

Forest Boy

Forest Boy

He wandered through the wood and flitted through the shadows, in search of feathers and stones and discarded memories.

Winter Girl

Winter Girl

She drew the snow around her like a cloak and prepared to wait.

Right after Hutchmoot I spent my time finalizing the files for Ellen and the Winter Wolves, and I’m happy to say that the book is off to the printer! Here’s a picture of the cover. Can’t wait to have it in my hands!


Cover File cropped

Ellen and the Winter Wolves Cover

And lastly, I’ve been preparing for my Second Annual House Show on Saturday, November 7th. The furniture will go to the garage and our little house will turn into a gallery for an afternoon and evening. Are you in or near Wichita? Come on out and see my latest work. I’ll have originals, prints, cards, and more available. Full details are on my Facebook page.


Stories have kindled Jamin Still’s imagination since he was small. As a child he drew and painted and dreamed, and the power of those things in his life never diminished. He went on to study painting in college and now he paints and writes for a living. Jamin works and lives in a little stone house with his wife and three young children in Wichita, Kansas.

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