Rabbit Room Christmas Exchange 2015


Edit: Names have been drawn! Check your email for your assignments!

It’s almost Christmas time (Really? Yes.), so it’s time to get the 2015 gift exchange in gear. This party has gotten a bit unwieldy in the last couple of years, so we’re changing the way we administrate it this time. Please see below for instructions.

Have fun folks! Watching this thing unfold is always one of the highlights of my year.

What is the Rabbit Room Gift Exchange?

It’s a “secret Santa” program. Everyone who wants to participate signs up, then we pull names out of the virtual hat, and everyone gives a gift (or gifts) to the person whose name they receive. You can remain anonymous if you wish, or you’re welcome to be as open as you like.

How much should I spend on a gift?

We’ve set a suggested gift value of $30. We’d love it if you bought your gifts in the Rabbit Room Store (this is a great time to share your Rabbit Room wishlist—click here), but you don’t have to, and we encourage folks to give creative gifts, something handmade maybe, something you made maybe. Be creative! But please ensure that the gift you give is something you’d value at about $30. You’re welcome to lavish your recipient with more if you like. (And please feel free to disregard the wishlist and shopping options built into Elfster—see below.)

Where do I sign up?

The link at the bottom of this post will take you to the Elfster website where you can sign up for the exchange. The site is a little clunky (and we hate the ads) but the exchange has gotten so big in the last couple of years that we need to use a system like this to administrate it effectively.

What if I don’t get a gift?

We urge everyone to be sure they mail or deliver their gifts well in advance of Christmas Day so that no one feels left out. However, should your Santa drop the ball, please let us know on or after January 1st. We’ll do our best to remind them and resolve the situation, and if necessary, we’ll make sure that person cannot participate again next year.

Can I be a backup Santa?

Yes! You can! If you’d like to make yourself available in the event that someone doesn’t receive a gift, please let me know via email at orders@rabbitroom.com. We hope you won’t be needed, but we’d love to have your help if the situation arises.

When will I find out who I’m giving a gift to?

Sign-up starts right now. The sign-up deadline is Monday, November 23rd, and names will be drawn on Tuesday, November 24th. NO LATE ENTRIES will be permitted. If you miss the sign-up window, you’ll need to wait until next year—this isn’t because we’re mean, it’s because it’s a closed system that cannot be amended once names are drawn. Everyone who enters will receive an email with their target’s name and address on Tuesday, November 24th.

Any other questions? Ask in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer. Have fun!

And please use the comments section to introduce yourself. You might also want to let folks know what your interests are and what books and music you like in order to give your Santa some hints to work with.

Click here to sign up for the 2015 Rabbit Room Gift Exchange.


  1. Lisa Eldred

    Yay, so excited for this!

    I’m Lisa, and I’m a Michigan-based geek (video games, board games, C’thulhu, etc.) But what I’d really like is regional stuff. This may include things like local specialty candies, farmer’s market jelly for these mysterious “jelly biscuits” I keep hearing about, books about local history, that sort of thing. I also love Africa’s idea from last year of receiving something (book, movie, CD) that meant a lot to you over the last year.

  2. Cindy Munoz

    w00t! I was looking forward to this!
    I’m Cindy and I’m Chicago. Yes, I’m an absolute city girl. I’m a geek or nerd depending on who you ask. I’m a Whovian, loyal to Narnia, wannabe Jedi, admirer of hobbits, and wouldn’t mind going to Starfleet Academy. Astronomy and physics fascinate me to no end, and sitting down to a good book and a warm cuppa is one of my favorite things. I’m an anglophile, japanophile, chocoholic, and I play guitar. If you have anymore questions, don’t be afraid to ask!

  3. John Barber

    Signed up! I’ve got lots of books (but that new Allen Levi book is def on my wishlist) and music. What I really love are unique things that mean something to you, or if you know me, something you think I’d love. Fortunately, I love lots of things. I’m a pretty big movie buff. I love food. Also, I really love food. And yes, coffee is food.

    This will be great!

  4. Emma

    If you get my name…

    I love handmade things–whatever you enjoy creating, if that’s your thing.

    Or a book/movie/CD that’s been special to you this past year.

    I’m also a tea person (usually some kind of black tea with milk).

    I’m pretty sure I only have the first Molehill (2 copies, oddly enough), so there’s that, too.

    Whatevs : )

  5. Laure Hittle

    i am going to copy and paste what i said last year. It’s all still true. 🙂

    Things i love: The Budge-Nuzzard. Throne Wardens. Hebrew. Geekery. Ridiculous haikus. Lobidious horrors. Justice. Fantasy. Pouncing upon people and forcing them to read things i love. Reading aloud. Loving people. Mothering people. Messy community. Art that makes me think and feel. Stories. Writing. Making people. Tigers and baby skunks and honeybees and all manner of passerines. But i will take anything, anything. Bonus if it is something you love, too, and we can love it together. 🙂


  6. Kristen (Peterson) Usher

    I love coffee and tea, writing letters, and books about travel. I wear scarves and big earrings and am relatively crafty. I own most books and music sold through the RR (sorry!) but am always game for being introduced to new music, particularly for my daily DC commute. I’m excited to see all that comes out of another year of RR Christmas!

  7. Miss Linda (Rogers)

    I’m not sure how to introduce myself, so I will start with the easiest and least fun part.

    Please don’t send me food. I have several relatively strange food allergies. While I’m sure my Dad won’t let anything tasty go to waste, I probably won’t get to enjoy it if you send something edible.
    Please don’t send me strongly scented things, particularly essential oil things. I’m allergic to some of them too.

    Now that I have gotten the yucky part over with, back to the hard part – trying to explain who I am and what I like.

    I have a lot of interests but they vary so widely that I don’t know how to describe them. I like learning things. I like making things, as long as they aren’t so hard that it becomes work instead of fun. I get along really well with children. I love the idea of travel but I never actually do it. I like books, especially books with really good themes and layers of meaning so that I can think about them excessively and read them over and over. I love the Wingfeather Saga and talk much more on the forum there than I talk here. As far as music, lyrics matter to me. I enjoy a lot of different styles when they have something worth saying, and a lot of people around here have something worth saying. I have very little Rabbit-y music, just AP’s more recent CDs, so far.

    You know, what I really want from this is a friend. I like stuff, but I don’t actually need it. I would really like to know who you are and what you love. So share something you love with me. It can be something you made, a book you love, music that you listen to over and over, or whatever else is meaningful to you. I think the people around here tend to have good taste, so if you love it, I will probably love it too.

  8. Miss Linda (Rogers)

    I’m not sure how to introduce myself, so I will start with the easiest and least fun part.

    Please don’t send me food. I have several relatively strange food allergies. While I’m sure my Dad won’t let anything tasty go to waste, I probably won’t get to enjoy it if you send something edible.
    Please don’t send me strongly scented things, particularly essential oil things. I’m allergic to some of them too.

    Now that I have gotten the yucky part over with, back to the hard part – trying to explain who I am and what I like.

    I have a lot of interests but they vary so widely that I don’t know how to describe them. I like learning things. I like making things, as long as they aren’t so hard that it becomes work instead of fun. I get along really well with children. I love the idea of travel but I never actually do it. I like books, especially books with really good themes and layers of meaning so that I can think about them excessively and read them over and over. I love the Wingfeather Saga and talk much more on that forum than I talk here. As far as music, lyrics matter to me. I enjoy a lot of different styles when they have something worth saying.

    You know, what I really want from this is a friend. I like stuff, but I don’t actually need it. I would really like to know who you are and what you love. So share something you love with me. It can be something you made, a book you love, music that you listen to over and over, or whatever else is meaningful to you. I think the people around here tend to have good taste, so if you love it, I probably will love it too.

  9. Jake Willems

    Hi, all. What a fun activity. I’m a high school counselor in Omaha, NE. I probably have the same interests as most other people here. I love reading, music, films, board games, running, and coffee! More than anything, I love running into and experiencing different types of entertainment I might not have heard of. If you have certain bands (or films, or authors, or games or whatever!) that you love that you like to share about to other people, go ahead! I’ll be overjoyed regardless. Thanks!

  10. Anna Hannigan

    I’m Anna Hannigan. I’m originally from Chicago, but currently reside in Texas. Like all of you, I enjoy good books and music. I have all Eric Peters ‘ music and The Fiddler’s Green, but I love the idea of sending something that spoke to you this year or something that you get excited to share with someone new.

  11. Rachel Heffington

    Hello! My name is Rachel Heffington. I am a foodie, fashion-loving, art-enthusiastic, people-watching writer. I love all things vintage, handmade, simple, and creative. I love to read. Water color paints are my media of choice. Words go straight to my head and heart and I consider myself a “book drunkard.” I’m insanely pleased by any extra level of thought someone puts into a gift, even the smallest amount! Practically speaking, I love tea, coffee, dark chocolate, books, thoughtful words, lipstick, “swanky” things, dressing up, and cooking. Audrey Hepburn is my style icon. Gregory Peck is my true love. Anthropologie-style kitchenwares make my heart happy, and there is NOTHING like a good outfit for setting one up for a good day. I love WWII history, traveling, and anything British, especially P.G. Wodehouse. There I am.
    And if you want to take your quest to stalker-level, feel free to drop by my lifestyle blog, http://www.lipstickandgelato.com.

    Cheers! Can’t wait to give to one of you!

  12. Kaitlyn Luce

    Hi there! My name is Kaitlyn Luce. I started out just enjoying this community and the people in it, but now I get to work for the Rabbit Room and it’s totally fun!

    That being said, when I signed up to participate in the gift exchange last week, I created a RR wish list, but didn’t think about the fact that it could potentially be dangerous for whoever ends up getting my name to purchase something for me through there (I do all order fulfillment for the RR store). So, maybe disregard my wish list, or use it has a place to get some ideas. 🙂 Also, I set the address for my gift to be sent to my parents house in Florida. Just didn’t want anyone to be confused. 🙂 Now that I’m done being complicated…

    A little about me…I moved to Nashville at the beginning of the year, but I’m originally from FL. I love used bookstores, meaningful music, good food, strong black British tea, and pretty things.

    During last years gift exchange I mentioned that I was about to graduate from college, and suggested that someone gift me with a book that helped in a time of transition. It was probably one of the most meaningful gifts I’ve received, and ended up being exactly what I needed to read. I lost my dad a little over a month ago, and 2015 has just generally been a really difficult and life-altering year for me. So, if you have read a book or listened to some music that was meaningful to you when you were going through a difficult time, I’d love that!

    I’m not a hard person to please, and I’ll just generally love the sight of a Christmas package from one of you guys. I can’t wait for this!

  13. Charity K.

    Hello all! My name is Charity.

    A few bits about me: I have a heart for adventure and a passion for Truth. I’m an avid reader (favorite authors include C.S. Lewis, Dorothy Sayers, G.K. Chesterton, David McCullough, Agatha Christie, and J.R.R. Tolkien) and I’m a history aficionado (so basically anything history-ish I’ll like). I love painting, ships and the sea, anything Scotland, history (I think I mentioned that), writing, singing, thinking, and discussing (so any particular articles you’ve been reading you’d think I’d like, etc). I’m a big fan of thinking critically and logically about all sorts of wonderful things, be it on theology, philosophy, psychology, science, art, etc.

    Some specific gift suggestions: I’d like a list of your favorite books or your current favorite songs, because I’m always looking to expand my interests; any old books (I like the historical, historical fiction, and mystery genre), anything ship-themed at all (books, paintings or sketches, models, etc), or anything handmade (I’d love to received some of your handiwork, in any form, be it typography, art, jewelry etc).

    I’m truly not picky when it comes to presents. Anything from a box of tea (Black, White or Green teas) to a copy of a new book that you’d think I’d like.

    So have a go ‘n all that!

  14. Jill Keller

    I’m Jill Keller. We live in the suburbs of DC and are very intentional about slowing down and mixing more old school country style living into our lives. (less after school activities, dirt pile instead of a sandbox, unplanned time, letting the kids hold snakes and build things, etc.)
    I would love some things for my gardening – I keep a few raised beds and a few in-ground beds to grow veggies for our family in spring, summer, and fall. Even a simple trowel – mine bit the dust this year. 🙂

  15. Sarah N

    Hi everyone! I’m a baby Hutchling, pianist, and aspiring writer from the Midwest. I just went to my first Hutchmoot this year, so I’m set for most RR items, EXCEPT for the new Allen Levi and Heidi Johnston books.

    I love reading, doodling, coloring, knitting & crocheting. I geek out way too much over Agents of SHIELD, Captain America, Firefly, Star Trek (Next Gen & reboot movies), ’95 Pride and Prejudice, and Kenneth Branagh Shakespeare movies. Chai tea lattes and dark chocolate also make me very happy.

    I always enjoy finding new favorites in books, films, music, food, etc. so whatever gems you care to share, I shall receive gladly.

  16. Angela Petry

    Hello Rabbits!

    I’m a full time administrator, a part time dancer, and a passionate grammarian who is willing to end a sentence with a preposition, but who will never leave out the oxford comma. I’m a huge fan of the Rabbit Room! I love cooking, writing, reading, and hospitality. I love gifts that have stories attached to them – so if you have a family recipe you’d love to share, if you enjoy making handmade items, or if there is a book you love, a gift like that would delight my heart! I’d love anything from the Rabbit Room store (such as Molhill Vol. 3., if you want a specific suggestion, or anything by Anne Lamott or Annie Dillard). I’m also slowly collecting kitchen items that are both beautiful and useful – I love red or teal anything. I’m excited to see what you decide to send – I know I’ll love it! Thanks, and Merry Christmas!!

  17. Bethany Winz

    Oh, what fun! I’m Bethany. By birth I’m a central Floridian, but my heart belongs to the hills of Tennessee. After a semester off, I’ll be heading back to Nashville in January to start my senior year of college. Like most of the folks around here, I like good books and good music. Wendell Berry is one of my favorite writers, but thanks to the library, I only own The Art of the Commonplace. I also enjoy crocheting and do a good bit of cooking and tea drinking. And I love the idea of sending something that’s been special to you this year or something handmade. (My only request would be nothing consumable, as I have quite a few food sensitivities.) I can’t wait to see how all this turns out!

  18. Greg Pyne

    Good Morning Rabbit Room!

    I signed up on the first day, but neglected to give anyone any indication of my interests. I’m a books n’ coffee guy, so an interesting roast from your favorite local coffee shop is always appreciated, as well as interesting mugs. There are many Rabbit Room- oriented things on the list this year, including AS Peterson’s new release, as well as Allen Levi’s new book. I have no books by Wendell Berry- that makes me vulnerable to wrath of Peterson=like proportions, so if you want to help me out there, that’s great too.

    Here’s a quirky thing (think of this if you are ever at a yard sale or antique market)- I love old Bibles. I’m not a pristine collector- I’m not talking about an original KJV or anything. But if you find a Bible in any condition from around 1850-1950- like an old grandmother’s personal Bible, with markings, notes, etc. I love those, for some reason. It’s kind of like a marker/memorial from a saint who has gone ahead. After I’ve collected about 5-10, I usually mail them to a missionary outreach program, which supplies Bibles to missionaries in the field.

    Like I said, quirky 🙂

    Merry Christmas to all!

  19. redheadkate

    I’m Kate Hinson. The address is in care of my parents. That’s where I’ll be for Christmas, plus my lease is up at the end of December so I’ll be moving.
    I like surprises when it comes to presents. Get me something whimsical, colorful. Something that makes you smile. Or something that makes you think.
    I love to paint. I use Liquitex Professional Heavy Body acrylic paint. You could always pick out any color of that. Chose a color that appeals to you. That makes it more fun. (Michaels, Hobby Lobby, art stores sell it. Most places have online coupons).
    I like random things with meaning…books from thrift stores with messages in the covers, your favorite movie with an explanation why you like it, a box a bandaids with a nostalgic character on them.

  20. Hannah Hubin

    I love books, particularly old, yellow ones or ones that have been meaningful to you (and still are). Pens and journals are magic to me, as is anything tea-ish. Although I live nowhere near it, the ocean is one of my most treasured things. I love children’s books and anything handmade. And light – I need candles just as much as I need tea. And books, of course. And the sea. And tea. I’ll be overjoyed at any small bit of this world wrapped and tied with a bow.

    Merry Christmas!

  21. JoeB

    I’m Joe, from the Pittsburgh area. Mostly a lurker around the RR forums but love the persons that gather here. I love making things (stained glass, forged knives, food) love to sing, love to play guitar but I’m not very good. Love books (King, Tolkien, Lewis, Kay, Zelazney, Edwards, Martin, apocalypse, zombie, other world, scifi, horror, fantasy) and a registered book addict and hoarder from an early age. I collect bamboo and wooden flutes, love native american crafts, Aztec and Mayan artifacts. I love to cook – the more complex, tedious, and time consuming the better! Love etchings of turbulent seas – especially pirate ones. I’m always looking for cheap prints of good ones! Love the ocean… love the water.

  22. Sarah Cook

    I am a huge book lover, so I am always looking for good recommendations! I’ve also been loving Eric Peters’ music lately, but the only album I own is Birds of Relocation. For me the best part of this gift exchange is getting to know what you lovely people find special and meaningful–books, music, sweets, I’m open to anything!

  23. Kathleen Mahoney

    Hello All, I am so excited to be a part of this years gift exchange for the first time!
    So a little bit about myself. I was born in Chattanooga TN, but was raised in Indiana on a small farm, currently we have pigs, sheep, chickens, ducks and five dogs. I am currently enrolled in a adult online study program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and I am studying to be a Health Coach. I am also working on finishing up a few subjects in high school as well (perks of being homeschooled 😀
    (On a side note: I am currently the teacher for my church High school Sunday school class and for our study we are doing the Magician’s Nephew….and it wasn’t completely my idea either!!
    Some things I love:
    Everything British & Irish (I have both in my blood line)
    Books (I enjoy all genres and willing to try anything- I like Fiction as well theology and philosophy)
    I am a Whovian (thank you Hutchmoot!)
    I have found a love of coloring
    essential oils- natural lotions and creams (I do have a sensitive nose when it comes your typical store bought stuff)
    Pottery mugs/cups
    folksy music
    These are some ideas, but also keep in mind that I love meaningful gifts, so if there is a particular something that meant a lot to you or helped you to grow in your love of Jesus, then I would LOVE to have you share that special something with me 🙂 I love creative people, so please have a hay day with that!
    Happy shoping to all and may you all have a most blessed Thanksgiving!

  24. April McClure Stewart

    Hi, all. I’m April and I always forget this part of the RR exchange and then get all frustrated when my partner hasn’t put up a list, so I’m going to be the change I want to see in the world and make one this morning.

    I am the mother of five children ages 10-6 mos and we homeschool which means I hardly ever read real books. It does, however, mean I get to drink copious amounts of coffee and I am cultivating a love for good, dark chocolate in my children. But not so quickly that I have to share with them.

    I absolutely adore beautifully illustrated children’s books. I also love pottery in shades of blue, the smell of pipes, the feel of watercolor paper, handmade mittens, excellent writing utensils, Vaughan Williams, high choral, and baroque music, glass beads and fair trade earrings. And coffee. And good dark chocolate. Those two bear repeating.

    I don’t use the Oxford Comma but I hope you won’t hold that against me.

    I shall love anything my rabbit friend sends.

  25. Libby Shortt

    Hi there! I’m Libby, and I live in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. I love hiking and taking time to see the trails and mountains around me. I also love reading, especially children’s literature, although really I enjoy just about all genres. I probably have way more tea than I can realistically drink, but I love it as well as coffee and most hot beverages. In my free time I also like sewing, knitting, and cooking/baking.

  26. Mitzi Pierce

    Hello my name is Mitzi. I live in Northeast Tennessee. I am an outdoor enthusiast. I love kayaking, tent camping and mountain biking. My favorite smells are old books, pine trees and campfires. I am a lover of poetry, music with deep, soulful lyrics and all things nature photography. I love to get lost behind a paintbrush. I especially love crafting words into stories. I prefer eating dinner at the bar instead of a quiet table because I love the hear people’s stories. I’m that girl that complete strangers come up to and share personal nuggets with out of the blue. I treasure that. I love surprises, practical jokes and I love to laugh. I suddenly feel like I’m on a dating site. Dang!
    Books, music, handmade things, all things weird work with well for me.
    By the way did you know that weird was just a side effect of awesome? I saw that on t-shirt once.

  27. Becky Mahoney

    Hi! I am a nearing-senior gal who loves the farm life (raising our own meat, doing our own butchering); my home is the gathering place of family antiques and found treasures — kind of a Victorian-style. I love Blue Willow, antique oil lambs, doilies, braided/homemade rugs, the color red (my kitchen is red).
    I don’t do nail polish or hair stuff, but enjoy sparkly earrings. Not much on neck scarves, but a saucy hat is fun.
    I am also practical and would love additions to my knife collection for butchery: Wustof and Henkle are my favorites. And full-size chef or commercial-quality aprons for heavy duty meat work.
    I am also a newbie at charcuterie (salami, proscuitto, coppa, sausages, bacon) so a supply of elastic netting, butcher’s twine, natural casings would all be well loved and used.

  28. Karoline E.

    I’m so excited for this! It was the highlight of my Christmas last year!

    So, a little about me… I’m a graphic design major at Liberty University Online, I live in Alaska, and when I want to procrastinate, I cuddle up with my dog in front of the fire with a book. I love horses, blue, Transformers, Tolkien, tatting, writing (fiction and fantasy), good books (i.e. old books, well-crafted books, intriguing books, etc.), book recommendations, tea, and fancy teapots and cups. I also love anything Rabbit Roomian. I have only one Andrew Peterson album (Light for the Lost Boy), so would love a new one! Also, I thought In the Round might be a good way to introduce me to other RR artists. The Molehill 3 and the Wilderking Trilogy are needed things, too.

    Certainly, though, those are just suggestions. Please surprise me! There is nothing better to me than getting a mysterious Christmas package in the mail!

  29. rdregge

    I love all forms of Story, but especially Tolkien and the written word. Little things like coffee, chai, postage stamps, meeples, kneadable erasers, smooth river stones, blue-eyed kittens, and the wee light of dawn make me happiest. Big things like dragons probably don’t fit easily in a parcel. My husband and daughter and I live in an old farmhouse and have one cat, two dogsand seven chickens.

    Feel free to look at my RR Store wish list, stalk me on the interwebs, or take a page from several folks above^ and just send something you love.

  30. Brenda Branson

    This is so much fun! I love good books (posted a list on Elfster), milk chocolate, nuts, candles, and homemade things. I have a 10-month-old grandson so books or toys for him would be great too.

  31. Jade

    Hi! Let’s see if this works 🙂

    I am a big fan of trees, hot tea, art (i am a painter and a photographer), castles, and fairy tales. Books, Maps, old keys. I’m so easy to please. Send me a hankie and I’d love you forever. Anything personal. I love community. I love to travel with my cute husband and 3 little man cubs (ages 7, 5, and 2). We live way out in the country of south Tejas on a Christian Summer Camp and Retreat Center. We live a wild and crazy life keeping busy with exploring the world, serving at Zephyr, and homeschooling our little dudes. I love England and France and all things Irish.

    Also, I love trees. Big, ancient trees with stories to tell. My husband drove me across the country so that I could see the Angel Oak on John’s Island in South Carolina. It was a blast!

    Also, Pixar. Good stories. Beauty. Chocolate. Amen.

  32. CyndaP

    Friends, I love homemade things, books, music, and tea. I like the idea that was shared earlier in this thread – whatever you send, tell me why you chose it; share a little bit about yourself – that will be the best gift.

    Blessings~Cynda Pierce

  33. micah

    Hi, everybody! I’m a software developer with a sweet wife and four little kids (ages 4 months through 5 and a half). I am really grateful to be part of this community. I love books, music, history, games, and other things, too.

    I don’t yet have “Hogan’s House of Music,” nor have I pre-ordered Allen Levi’s RR Press memoir, “The Last Sweet Mile.” I’d also love the paperback of “The Timely Arrival of Barnabas Bead.”

    With that said, I’m really open to any sort of present. I’d actually be more interested in getting something you absolutely love than something I want… so surprise me!

    I also love crafts, songs, stories, and other things created by my favorite rabbits… so if you have anything like that, I’d be delighted to receive it.

    Bottom line: I’m looking forward to whatever you want to send. 🙂

  34. Glenn

    Hi all – got my match today, so I guess it’s time to say something about myself. I’m bad at this. (That’s not the thing), but here goes:
    I write kids’ stories, teach English and writing to high schoolers, do a little theater, love music, sort-of play the ukulele, don’t play the banjo, eat barbecue, have a wife and two boys, ages 5 & 7, and live in the rural part of western New York; yes, the part where it snows a lot. I’ve been accused of having geek tendencies, am currently working my way through Doctor Who (Season 7), and I’m WAY into Pixar. Also, I love beauty. It’s pretty rad. Old trees, stained glass, unexpected waterfalls, you name it, I want to soak it all in. And kids’ books. Gotta have those. Art junkie, too.
    So, yeah. RR Christmas is fantastic, and I’m looking forward to blessing my buddy w/ some cool surprises!

  35. Jennifer Bast

    I’m well stocked on books and music, tho I did add two cds to my Rabbit room/Elfster wishlist. Feel free to surprise me. I’d love something handmade and/or regional. I like silly, funny, quirky things, but rarely buy them for myself. I <3 <3 Doctor Who, but don't have a t-shirt (Medium Unisex t-shirt or Large if it's a women's cut/size) or socks or mug or any fun thing except that I watch the show and love it. The same goes for Harry Potter. I have been formally sorted into Hufflepuff, as has my husband. I love food, but I have sensitivities to gluten, dairy and refined sugar, so that significantly limits my options. I'm a bit of a hippie when it comes to food, personal/bath products, home fragrances, etc. Synthetic candles like Yankee brand give me a headache, but I like the ones made with soy and essential oils. The same goes for lotion. Bath and Body Works stuff irritates me, but clean stuff from the local farmers market or somewhere like Thistle Farms are lovely. I like things that are vintage, fair trade, upcycled, etc. I like crossbody purses/bags, but not the tiny organizing ones. They should be messenger bag size-ish, but not necessarily shaped that way as I won't be using it as a laptop case or briefcase, but as a purse. An infinity scarf would be lovely. I suspect I could make good use of a ukulele. That should be enough to go on.

  36. dawn morrow markley

    I’m stealing from my last year’s post…with a few tweaks.

    I’m Dawn…there’s two of us so don’t be confused! I moved to Chicago a little over a year ago and I work for the government. I live in a little tiny apartment with two cats above the rattling El train. And I smile every time it goes by because I remember how much I love this city.

    Other things I love, in a random stream-of-consciousness list…
    sunflowers and giraffes
    art that symbolizes hope
    music that tells stories…anything that tells stories
    Christmas lights and music
    reading – particularly fiction. I’m a lazy reader though. If it takes too much work, I probably put it down. I’m on my first time through Fellowship of the Ring…it finally took the audiobook to get me past Tom Bombadil (at least it was unabridged…please don’t hate me)
    little kid art
    deep purple things
    thunderstorms, the first snowflakes of the season, warm spring rains
    silver jewelry
    warm socks
    drum and bugle corps (I was a founding member of the Jersey Surf up in NJ…25 years ago. yikes.)
    tea and ice cream (usually not together)
    Iowa Hawkeyes and UNC Tarheels
    Harry Potter
    the smell of fireplaces on the first cold nights of fall
    exploring Chicago
    board and card games

    I have a sad lack of Sara Groves between her second CD (All Right Here?) and her most recent one.

  37. Jessica B.

    Hello, Friends,

    First, thanks to the Rabbit Room for hosting this again! It was so much fun to participate last year. 🙂

    Second, for whomever drew my name, here are some ideas about who I am:
    I am a homeschooling mom to four. I love to read, write, randomly burst into song, create, cook, make lists, and tickle my children. Anne Shirley is one of my favorite people and her counterpart, Emily, pricks my conscience with her dedication to her craft. I love to be around people, but also find myself craving silence as I get older. I like earth and deep jewel tones, Star Wars, Star Trek, high fantasy, journals, math, thoughtful music, being outdoors, nice ink pens, rabbits with swords, coffee and loose leaf teas, scarves, crafting, cookbooks, wall art, fun fabric, nerdy T-shirts (I used to teach electronics), poetry, and art supplies.

    I would really, really like the Fin’s Revolution bundle and a nice ink pen or two, but anything, handmade or “store bought”, will be received with Thanksgiving. Thanks! 😀

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