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So Long, 2015

By Pete Peterson

2015 has been a heck of a year. We’ve been busier than ever, tireder than ever, and more sure than ever that building and growing the Rabbit Room is exactly what we’re supposed to be doing. Here’s hoping that Read More ›

At Advent’s End: A Christmastide Exhortation

By David Mitchel

In high December, you don’t usually have to look far to find someone who isn’t looking forward to Christmastide — someone whose solitude will serve as a special reminder of Read More ›

Star Wars, Christmas, and Mythology

By Chris Yokel

Unless you’ve been stuck down in a Sarlacc pit, you probably know that the latest Stars Wars film just opened. The excitement has been enormous because Star Wars has been a cultural phenomenon for so long, enchanting the imaginations of kids and adults alike.

Read More ›

Waiting For The Light: An Advent Poem

By Chris Yokel

Would you wait
several thousand years
for someone to make good
on their promise,

Read More ›

Christmas Day

By Jen Rose Yokel

Father, give us Christ.
Star Igniter,
Crack our darkness. Read More ›

Advent IV: Show Us Love

By Jen Rose Yokel

Father, show us love.
This violent world tears
Hearts apart and
Leaves us trembling in our shame.
Like winter leaves afraid to fall
We cling and sting in bitter wind.
May you slip into our world,
Swift and slight as drifting snow,
Too fragile and helpless not to love.
In heaven’s most audacious act
Our cold suspicion
Melts in spring.

Sad Stories Told for Laughs: Doug McKelvey

By Jonathan Rogers

Doug McKelvey is an exceedingly thoughtful and outlandishly funny author, songwriter, and filmmaker. One of the great pleasures of this year’s Hutchmoot was to see first-hand the joy of Read More ›

Advent III: Teach Us Joy

By Jen Rose Yokel

Father, teach us joy.
The Christmas feeling
Lost its meaning
In flashing lights, electric dreaming.
We race and chase and check a list
Until the days are gone amiss.
May you call us in our carols,
In our traffic, in our deadness,
And give our harried hearts the chance
To feel the wonder once again,
Like waiting children
With nothing to dread.

The Coming of the Light

By Heidi Johnston

The absence of light is almost oppressive this year. For weeks, those of us who live in northern latitudes have been getting up in the dark, driving to school in the dark and coming Read More ›

Sad Stories Told for Laughs: Arthur Alligood

By Jonathan Rogers

Arthur Alligood makes me think of Hank Williams in his ability to take hurt and transform it into something beautiful and soulful and swampy. If you don’t own his album One Silver Needle, you really should. Read More ›

The Christmas Longing

By Chris Yokel

Last December, my wife and I watched Home Alone for the first time in years. Call me lame, but I have some very fond memories of turning on the TV after Thanksgiving dinner every year and watching Read More ›

Stories of Lyric & Rain

By Sarah Bramblett

“So Father, I will give you thanks and praise
The Son has opened wide the gate of glory Read More ›

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