Archive: Jan 2016

JJ Heller – The Well

By The Rabbit Room

Lots of people assume that this is a video of JJ Heller playing really tiny instruments. The truth is far, far stranger. This is actually a video of a GIANT JJ Heller playing normal-sized instruments. We Read More ›

The Timely Arrival of A. S. Peterson

By Joe Sutphin

A few months back, my buddy Pete (a.k.a. A. S. Peterson) asked if I would be up for doing some art for his wintery, Twilight Zone-like, Civil War-era tale, The Timely Arrival of Barnabas Bead. Pete had actually Read More ›

The Writing of Branta and Other Affections (Part 1 of 4)

By The Rabbit Room

Walt Wangerin has started a great series of posts on his blog, Between Us. Check out part one, in which he discusses Maurice Sendak and the necessity of wild things. Read More ›

Jon Foreman Discusses The Wonderlands series

By Sarah Bramblett

Jon Foreman, the Grammy Award-winning artist and lead singer of Switchfoot, has been in quite a whirlwind lately. He’s released four EPs in a series called The Wonderlands, writing a song for each hour of the day. Read More ›

In Praise of the House Party

By Lanier Ivester

I lifted the idea straight from a Grace Livingston Hill novel: I had read dozens of them in my teens, and I was enchanted with the way those beautiful jazz-age heroines of hers always seemed to be stumbling into Read More ›

Now Available: Andrew Osenga’s Bone EP

By The Rabbit Room

Two and a half years ago, Andrew Osenga set out on his Heart & Soul, Flesh & Bone musical odyssey, and today the project has finally come full circle with the release of Bone, a six-song instrumental EP. Read More ›

RR Interview: Andy Gullahorn on His New Album, Fault Lines

By Mark Geil

Andy Gullahorn’s stirring new album Fault Lines was born as part of a November Kickstarter campaign, which succeeded in just twenty-four hours. With the goal eventually tripled, Gullahorn sent the project Read More ›

Sad Stories Told For Laughs: Eric Peters

By Jonathan Rogers

Eric Peters is a great songwriter (check out his music here). He is also a bibliophile (check out his Bookmole online bookstore/book-finding service), a visual artist (here’s some of his Read More ›

What Am I Doing? / What I Am Doing.

By Eric Peters

Since my forthcoming album, Far Side Of The Sea, was successfully Kickstarted back in August, I have been up to many things, very little of which, unfortunately, have had to do with recording. I Read More ›

RR Interview: Arthur Alligood

By Rusty Woods

At Hutchmoot 2014, a lanky, sandy blonde-haired stranger sat down across from my friend Michael and I in the Church of the Redeemer fellowship hall. As fate would have it (or perhaps God’s provision), his Read More ›

Go Get Your Enemies

By David Michael Bruno

For while now I have been wanting to write a number of posts, the Spiritually Sensitive Sinners Series. The snake hiss-like acronym (Ssss) has a hint of thematic onomatopoeia, which seems kind of cool. Unfortunately, for now this is a series of one. Read More ›

Nick Flora discusses his new EP series

By Matt Conner

Nick Flora is a storyteller, first and foremost. Whether they’re the engaging perspectives of his songs or the stories he helps to share on his popular podcast, Who Writes This Stuff, Flora uses them as vehicles to Read More ›

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