Archive: Feb 2016

A Letter to Ben

By Rebecca Reynolds


I woke up around four o’clock this morning to sit with my father in his jon boat on the Kentucky River. The whole world was dark except for a new moon that lay on the surface of the water like a child’s glass of milk. Read More ›

Who Is God to You?

By Heidi Johnston

A good friend once asked me, “Heidi, who is God to you?” At the time, the question was born out of a growing realisation that, as someone who worked for a Christian organization, God was in danger of becoming her “boss.” Read More ›

Just a Stamp

By Chris Yokel

The other day I was performing the adultiest of adult tasks—paying the bills. Does anyone actually enjoy doing this? Probably not. Read More ›

The Box Canyon: High Five

By The Rabbit Room

Laity Lodge is one of our favorite places on earth (and we hope to be back for another Rabbit Room Retreat in 2017). Not only do they host soul-nourishing retreats, serve great food, and bring in great speakers and musicians, Read More ›

The River Fox Chapter 2: Meet The River Fox

By Jonny Jimison

Fantasy adventure and slapstick cartoon humor. Martin runs from dragons and bandits, while Marco tries to break out of a desert camp. The River Fox, volume two of The Dragon Lord Saga is now premiering one episode a week at Webtoons (also check out volume one, Martin & Marco). Read More ›

We All Come From Somewhere

By Russ Ramsey

“We will rock the hell out of you.” –Stryper

Not long ago, when I heard about a certain concert happening here in Nashville, I sent out a tweet that bugged me almost as soon as I posted it. Read More ›

Sad Stories Told for Laughs: Russ Ramsey

By Jonathan Rogers

If you aren’t reading Russ Ramsey’s Behold the King of Glory this Lenten season, you ought to be. It’s the best Lenten devotion I’ve ever seen or heard tell of. Get his Advent devotional, Behold the Lamb of God, Read More ›

Far Side Of The Sea preview: “Beautiful One (Nowhere)”

By Eric Peters

This is a sneak peek of the outro of “Beautiful One (Nowhere),” one of the new songs that will be on Far Side Of The Sea. I started writing this song the night I learned my aunt was killed in an Read More ›

The Molehill Vol. 4 & the Virtue of Laughter

By Pete Peterson

Every year, the Molehill presents a new editorial mystery. I solicit contributions from writers and artists all over the country, and when their work begins to roll in, I find myself wondering how on earth their Read More ›

A Lenten Sermon: Break Forth Like the Dawn

By David Mitchel

Several years ago I heard, for the first time, the Easter homily (c. A.D. 400) of St. John Chrysostom. It was unlike any sermon I have ever heard. It had no seminar-room smell at all; St. Chrysostom didn’t Read More ›

Sad Stories Told for Laughs: Nancy Guthrie

By Jonathan Rogers

Besides being the author of more than a dozen books and contributing regularly to The Gospel CoalitionNancy Guthrie is a much sought-after speaker and retreat leader. She and her husband David live in Read More ›

Here’s to the Snowstorms

By Jen Rose Yokel

Winter and I got off to a bad start last year. I spent much of my first New England winter waiting out four blizzards with a broken arm and wondering if I’d ever see green again. So this year? This year, I’ve Read More ›

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