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The Life Imagined


“Distrust any enterprise that requires new clothes.”

The Henry David gem had been buzzing at my mind all day, and all day I had been tenaciously smiling it down. Read More ›

Taking on Life

By Chris Yokel

Now that you’ve given up something for the past forty days, what are you taking on for the next forty? Read More ›

Surprised by Joy


I had the privilege of presenting last weekend at the From Death Unto Life conference in Franklin, Tennessee, and one of my sessions was a short plenary on William Wordsworth’s immortal sonnet, Read More ›

In Spite of That, We Call This Friday Good

By Jonathan Rogers

Today, besides being Good Friday, is Flannery O’Connor’s birthday. She would have been ninety-one. It is an altogether appropriate Holy Day for Flannery O’Connor, for Good Friday is the day when grace looks like utter disaster. Read More ›

Disappointed by God

By Rebecca Reynolds

In those days between Good Friday and Easter morning, I find myself tracing over the bruises that the crucifixion left—not just on the slain body of Jesus, but on the devastated souls of His disciples. Read More ›

The Vaster End of Blood

By Pete Peterson

This Good Friday, I commend to you the following excerpt from Chapter 4 of Robert Farrar Capon’s most outstanding The Supper of the Lamb. Read More ›

After the Last Supper

By Jen Rose Yokel

This poem first appeared in The Molehill Volume 4. Read More ›

The Fast and the Feast

By Jen Rose Yokel

“Dust you are. To dust you shall return.”

I don’t know what I expected, but somehow the way ashes felt as they smeared on my skin surprised me. Read More ›

Drawing the Miracle Man

By John Hendrix

Over the last year, I’ve been thinking a lot about what Jesus looked like.

A book I wrote and illustrated about Jesus, called Miracle Man, for Abrams Books for Young Read More ›


By Ron Block

When Jesus heard Lazarus was really sick, he stayed two more days where he was, because, the Bible tells me, he loved Martha and Mary and Lazarus. Read More ›

Lent/Easter Playlist

By Chris Yokel

We are in the midst of the season of Lent, a period of 40 days traditionally set aside by the Church throughout history for contemplation and preparation leading up to Holy Week and Easter. It is a time to Read More ›

Release Day Review: Slugs & Bugs Sing the Bible, Volume 2

By Jonathan Rogers

Right in the middle of Slugs & Bugs Sing the Bible, Volume 2 is a song that doesn’t even pretend to be for children. This one is for the parents: Read More ›

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