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Proper Introductions: George MacDonald


G.K. Chesterton called him “one of the three or four greatest men of the 19th century.”

Madeleine L’Engle said he was the “grandfather of us all—all of us who struggle to come to terms Read More ›

An Ethic for Aesthetics

By Pete Peterson

Walt Wangerin is working on a great series of posts at his blog. They make for a fascinating window into the mind of a world-class writer. He’s laying out his case for craft and it’s worth Read More ›

The River Fox Chapter Seven: Tombow Love You!

By Jonny Jimison

[Fantasy adventure and slapstick cartoon humor. Martin runs from dragons and bandits, while Marco tries to break out of a desert camp. Read More ›

The Psalms

By Pete Peterson

If you haven’t watched this yet, take 20 minutes out of your day and enjoy this conversation between two icons. They discuss the effect the Psalms have had on them, including great thoughts Read More ›

To My Girls, On Your Baptism

By Heidi Johnston

To my beautiful daughters,

Last night in our church, surrounded by so many of the people we love, I watched you stand up Read More ›

The Heartfelt Hilarity of Olan Rogers

By Chris Yokel

The advent of YouTube in 2005 created an unprecedented opportunity for average people to create content and share it with the world. Of course, a lot of people took this opportunity to just create Read More ›

Liturgy in the Garden (Thoughts from the Festival of Faith & Writing)

By Pete Peterson

We planted a new garden this year. We tried once before at another house, but the yard was nearly all in the shade. We spent months worrying over it and weeding it, until it all paid off when we Read More ›

Mouse Guard

By Jonny Jimison

Welcome to the Mouse Territories. Blacksmiths, masons, healers, and craftsmice ply their trades in grand cities and small townships, from the libraries of Lockhaven to the homey inn in Read More ›


By Gina Sutphin

I’ve been traveling through a strange season for the past few years. It’s been heavy with snow and cold. In my struggle to keep stepping forward, I decided to fill my time by becoming a Certified Read More ›

The Writing of Branta and Other Affections

By Pete Peterson

On Walt Wangerin’s blog there’s a fantastic series of posts about children and the power of stories. If you love stories (for adults or children) this is a great opportunity to sit at the feet of a master Read More ›

Designing A Book Cover, Part 2: Gorilla Tactics

By Joe Sutphin

Around this time last year I received the manuscript for Book 2 of Dr. Critchlore’s School For Minions, tentatively titled The Search For The Great Library. For anyone who does not Read More ›

Chapter Six: Slaves and Nomads

By Jonny Jimison

[Fantasy adventure and slapstick cartoon humor. Martin runs from dragons and bandits, while Marco tries to break out of a desert camp. The River Fox, volume two of The Dragon Lord Saga is now premiering one episode a week at Webtoons (also check out volume one, Martin & Marco).] Read More ›

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