New Music: Ghost of a King


The Gray Havens played the Local Show a while back and took the place by storm. They’ve also been in the studio with Ben Shive recording their latest album, Ghost of a King.

I first heard the record a few weeks ago fell in love with it immediately. The album’s release date is this Friday and we’re excited to be able to offer pre-orders here in the Rabbit Room store.

If you haven’t heard the Gray Havens yet, allow me to introduce you. Here’s the title track off the new record. You’re going to need this link when you’re done listening. Enjoy.


Ghost of a King is now available to order in the Rabbit Room Store (ships this Friday).


  1. Kyle

    Great tune. Sounds more mature than anything they’ve previously done. Looking forward to Friday.

  2. Carrie

    I discovered Dave and Alicia’s music through a Holloway House Concert here in Charlotte a couple years ago–and I’ve been grateful ever since. So excited that they have a new album, and I’m loving it!

  3. Dan R.

    Having listened to this album a few times now, I can say with jubilation that I’m ecstatic that it is what it is. Yet again, The Gray Havens have made some excellent music here. This album feels like a classic (and it’s still brand new)!

  4. Scott B.

    I’ve already got this pre-ordered on iTunes. Loved their last album and immediately loved the two songs available on iTunes, including “Ghost of a King.” I don’t usually immediately fall in love with new music, so this was pretty big for me. Then, of course, I learned that the album was produced by Ben Shive. This made perfect sense to me, considering I really like his production. I’m very excited for Friday.

  5. Catie Gruben

    It is a marvelous album, like their past album, and their first EP. The Gray Havens do a wonderful job, linking truths in gorgeous ways that sink into your soul and draw you closer to God. I think my favorite on the album is “Shadows of the Dawn.”

    “It’s veiled and stands behind the shroud
    The final day when trumpets sound
    Sometimes I glimpse into the fog
    And listen for the song
    Till then I’m waiting for the day
    In the shadows of the dawn.

    But I won’t wait resting my bones
    I’ll take these foolishness roads of grace
    And run toward the dawn
    When I rise dawn turns to day
    I’ll shine as bright as the sun
    And these roads that I run
    Will be wise”

  6. Rachel Donahue

    I can’t get enough of this album! The sound… and the lyrics… Deep, soul-stirring truth delivered in a captivating medium. I’m SO glad this is part of my collection now!

  7. Frank Reed

    This is just as AP promised in the CCM article ‘rebuttal’ to Bono. I have explored that entire lost of artists from it since then and have been kinda blown away. There is great music that helps my walk that I was pretty much unaware of. It’s not the formulaic stuff that is mainstream and bland but instead the product of a vibrant, creative group of musicians. This music needs to get attention amongst believers who want to hear the best music that focuses on Jesus and His power. You can never beat the message but couple it with killer tunes and well, it just makes me smile.

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