Two songs from Switchfoot’s new album


Switchfoot made the big announcement on Thursday that their 10th album (10!), Where The Light Shines Through, will release on July 8th via Vanguard Records. You can now hear two new songs from the album, “Float” and “Live It Well.”

Matt Conner is a former pastor and church planter turned writer and editor. He’s the founder of Analogue Media and lives in Indianapolis.


  1. Scott B.

    @JJ – I completely agree! Part of me wants to think the lyrics are too “Christian radio,” but I can’t help but feel that they are more Jon Foreman being heartfelt and honest. If you let yourself get caught up in the meaning, I think it is incredibly powerful. Ironically, it might end up being a hit on Christian radio.

  2. Jen Rose Yokel


    Yessssssss….. “Float” is my jam right now. Just listened to “Live It Well” for the first time. I didn’t know they’d released two songs! Love this band so much.

  3. Jen Rose Yokel


    Scott: and ironically… I work for a radio station. Guess what song we just started playing yesterday? 😉 I hope it’s a hit! We need more good songs like this.

  4. Scott B.

    @Jen – That’s great! As I’ve listened to it more, I really feel it’s beautifully written; especially the verses. Could these two songs be more different? Switchfoot is masterful at flipping between indie art rock, hard rock and emotionally deep ballads. There are times that I can’t help but feel Jon Foreman is a modern day prophet, or, at least, a brilliant social critic. Ghost Machine, from his most recent set of EPs, commanded my attention with every word. If you’re reading this and haven’t heard it, I believe it will be worth your time.

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