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I have to admit, I usually tune out podcast recommendations—listening to people talk just puts me to sleep (my college classmates can attest to that). But I’m making an effort to learn to listen, because I spend a LOT of time at my drawing board, and my music just ain’t cuttin’ it.

podcast1So I’ve begun to explore all that the world of podcasting has to offer—and lo and behold, I find The Bancroft Brothers podcast!

podcast2Tom and Tony Bancroft are twin brothers who went through the legendary CalArts university together and worked at Disney Animation Studios for twelve years. Among their many animation credits are the following: Tony co-directed Mulan and supervised the animation on Pumbaa in The Lion King and Kronk in The Emperor’s New Groove; Tom designed and animated Mushu in Mulan and, incidentally, wrote one of my favorite how-to books, Creating Characters with Personality.

If you’re an animation geek like I am, you’ll love the interviews with animation legends (Andreas Deja! Glen Keane! Pete Docter!) and discussions on the history and future of animation (is 2D animation dead, or just sleeping?).

If you’re not, there’s still plenty to love here—insight, honesty, and encouragement on maintaining creative discipline and perseverance.

Check out their most popular podcast episode, “Failures, Flubs and Frustrations,” in which they discuss some of the most difficult experiences of their careers.

…and now it’s your turn. What podcasts do you recommend?

Anything is fair game, but if you share podcasts related to creativity or the arts, I’ll compile some of them into a future post.

Jonny Jimison is a talented cartoonist and graphic novelist. In addition to a long history of web-based cartoons, he's the author of Dragon Lord Saga series of graphic novels, including Martin & Marco and The River Fox. Jonny lives and works in Jacksonville, Florida.


  1. Pete Peterson


    Oh, man. I am a podcast junkie. The guys at Radiolab can’t pump out shows fast enough to keep me happy. And through them, I’ve discovered Invisibilia, which explores the hidden forces at work in our lives.

    Other than that? My favorites are Freakonomics and Serial (though I’m not crazy about season 2). Oh, and This American Life (of course).

    Tom Bancroft did a series of character sketches for The Fiddler’s Gun, and I’m looking forward to checking out his podcast. Thanks for the rec, Jonny.

  2. Laure Hittle

    i think i’m too visual to get into podcasts (audiobooks don’t work, either), but one of my Geeks introduced me to Welcome to Night Vale and i loved it. i listened to like ten episodes and then my attention span does what it always does, but i keep thinking i should look it up again. It’s like War of the Worlds + Prairie Home Companion + Lovecraft.

  3. Cory M Martin

    My favorite podcasts:
    Nerdist – PG-13, sometimes R. But always encouraging to “go make a thing!”
    RadioLab – many extraodinary curiosities explored
    All Gimlet podcasts – StartUp, ReplyAll, Mystery Show. (Mostly) good stories. Good production.
    The Tobolowsky Files – Stories written and read by the actor who played Ned Ryerson in Groundhog’s Day. Really fun. Really infrequent.
    Wits – now defunct 🙁 Variety show. “A Prairie Home Companion”‘s cousin who eats paint chips.
    Neighbors – Nashville-based. RadioLab feel. “Get to know your neighbors”
    On Being – a bit soporific, but always spiritually thought-provoking

  4. Ben Humeniuk

    I keep coming back to Ravi Zacharias’ podcast. It’s usually two-part replays of his lectures, but guy combines good anecdotes with bits of Scripture and philosophy to shine a light on modern worldviews. Good to drive to, and helps keep me centered on the reason why I (sub)create.

  5. Josh Duncan

    Hard to believe no one’s mentioned the Rabbit Room podcast yet. Looking forward to that next new episode. Anything the community can do to help with that?

    I also cherry pick episodes of RedeemerCast.

    I love Fr. Stephen Freeman’s Glory to God for All Things, but it’s infrequently updated at this point.

    I like Nerdist, but not enough to put up with the language.

    The Moth is pretty darn good.

  6. Dustin Scott

    The one episode of Andrew Peterson’s podcast…cmon! Need more of those.

    Nerdist is usually great along with the Nerdist Writer’s podcast and Tom Wilson’s podcast, all under the Nerdist banner.

    I’ve really been enjoying The Phil Vischer Podcast, creator or VeggieTales. Mostly current events told in humorous ways through a Christian worldview lens. And occasionally interviews with many people who have contributed to the Rabbit Room.

  7. Esther O'Reilly

    More Than One Lesson: Excellent film-lover’s podcast, run by two guys who give candid commentary on all types of film through a thoughtful Christian lens.

  8. Peter B

    First, it’s always a treat to get more JJ comics.

    Second, wow! Not only have you reminded me why I need to try podcasts again, but what a powerhouse combination the Bancrofts must be.

    Third, Pete! How on earth did you get Tom Bancroft to do sketches for you? And how did I not realize this before? Why am I shouting in my head?

  9. Jessica Boniface

    I love podcasts. As a stay at home mom, they give me the treat of adult conversation without the need for there to be actual adults nearby.

    For news/Christian commentary on the news/culture:
    The Phil Vischer podcast explores current events from a usually thoughtful, frequently funny perspective.
    I enjoy the Relevant podcast, but their particular humor took about three shows for me to get a feel for the characters involved.

    For Momcouragement:
    Sally Clarkson’s At Home with Sally
    Inspired to Action

    There are also various homeschooling podcasts I devour as able.
    Thanks to Mr. Jimison for opening this up – I now have new shows to look into. 🙂

  10. RM Peters

    Jessie! I agree! I’m a homeschooling mom and listening to podcasts makes me feel less lonely during the day! I listen to a lot of momcouragement, as you put it. Love Sally and the God-centered mom.

    Circe Institute has a great line up. The commons featured Jonathon Rodgers a few times so I’m surprised no one mentioned that one. Also perpetual Feast and Close reads. Close Reads just did a series on Jayber Crow.

    I also love Center for Lit, Bibliophile. They have a great Socratic discussion of the importance of “The Great Discussion” and how we can participate through art and literature. The Andrews Family is a lot of fun!

    Read Aloud Revival with Sarah Mckenzie is another fun one and has featured some rabbit roomers, SD Smith for one.

    My kids love StoryNory, Sparkle Stories, Classic Tales, Brains On, and The Math Dude

  11. Jesse Dempsen

    I am a podcast addict – I have several that I wait for with eager expectation each week (or fortnight, or month, or however often their makers release them). I listen to “Dusted” put out by Storywonk, a husband-and-wife team who analyze the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel series one episode at a time. They’re into Season Five of Buffy and Season Two of Angel currently, and my wife and I have been watching the shows along with the podcast, and it’s been a fantastic way to reexperience Joss Whedon’s masterpiece.

    I also have discovered “The Black Tapes” put out by Pacific Northwest Stories. It’s a documentary-style “Serial”-type show following a journalist’s journey into discovering the truth behind several videotapes showing paranormal phenomena. If you’re easily frightened by fictional depictions of demonic activity, it’s probably not for you, but I’m truly loving it. Their two-month hiatus ends in two days, and it couldn’t come soon enough for me.

    “Imaginary Worlds” covers topics having to do with sci-fi and fantasy in pop culture. I’ll second the Phil Vischer podcast, too – I came across that one about a month ago and it quickly rocketed to the top of my favorites list.

    And “Steve Brown, Etc.” Steve Brown, the “old white guy,” and his cadre of co-hosts, interview authors, pastors, and various public figures in a really refreshing, free, and fun way.

  12. Joni

    As someone who is always looking for a new podcast to listen to, this post and all of it’s wonderful comments is just my thing!
    I’ll definitely have to look into this Bancroft Brothers podcast.
    An absolutely WONDERFUL podcast I listen to for creatives/visual storytellers/writers are the Oatley Academy podcasts. Artist interviews, great discussion and exploration of art and telling stories through visual mediums… Seriously, these podcasts are WONDERFUL and I’m always eagerly awaiting the next one to come out. Here’s where to find all the different podcasts…
    Another podcast I’m always looking forward to new episodes of is the Rabbit Room podcast. Of course I get that the hard working team here at RR is busy with all sorts of inspiring things, but I thought I’d just put it out there that I really enjoy YOUR podcasts! My favorites tend to be the interviews of writers/artists and I LOVE listening to all the Hutchmoot tracks you have posted for free. ^^

  13. Jonny Jimison


    I just downloaded an episode or two of EVERY podcast in these comments and can’t wait to check ’em out! Once I’ve heard them all, I’ll post a comment here seconding some of my favorites and adding a few of my own (in addition to that creativity-podcast post I promised you).

    Glad the RR podcast got a lot of talk, too – I’m all for pestering for more episodes! Loved that recent film one.

  14. Nicole Eckerson

    Radiolab was the podcast that made me realize I liked (some) podcasts. Seriously, so good.
    This American Life is also fantastic. Ira Glass is an audio genius.
    I recently discovered “Criminal” and “The Memory Palace”. Both are really really excellent. “Stuff You Missed In History Class” isn’t the most aurally stunning but it is so very interesting.
    The Moth is brilliant – tapping into humanity’s need for connection to other humans via story.
    I’m looking forward to the next episode of the Rabbit Room podcast as well!!

  15. Joe Sutphin

    This American Life has some great stories. I enjoyed Serial season 1, found season 2 to really get nowhere. This American Life is on Pandora now as well.
    Aside from podcasts, I’m a huge radio theatre fan as well. While I draw, I listen to a ton of radio theatre. Some of my favorites I own are classic Sherlock Holmes mysteries, and I own a huge selection of Twilight Zone Radio Dramas.
    Last summer, while illustrating an exceptionally long book, I really got into audio books on failed journeys to the north and south poles. Fascinating stuff. One favorite in particular was The Man Who Ate His Boots. Another favorite audio book during that project was called Rabid: A Cultural History of the World’s Most Diabolical Virus. That audio book blew me away.
    Anyway, Im looking forward to giving some of everyone’s suggestions a try soon!

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