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BBC to Broadcast Lost Tolkien Recordings

By The Rabbit Room

Recordings of J.R.R. Tolkien thought to have been lost have been rediscovered in the BBC archives and will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Saturday 6 August. Read More ›

Water and Love

By Gina Sutphin

As a gardener, I’m aware of how many things are necessary for success when you “put your hand to the plow.” Some of my knowledge was gained by growing up next door to my great grandfather’s farm, and some through the countless hours of summertime chores helping tend our family garden. Read More ›

Taking a Sharp Left at the Far Side of the Sea

By Sarah Bramblett

Eric Peters’ Far Side of the Sea is a unique concept album, with each song inspired by an object in a photograph taken by the artist himself. But with its haunting honesty and surprising sound, it’s also a fascinating case study on the symbiotic relationship between artist and producer. Read More ›

Art Stories: Connecting Mastery and Joy

By Russ Ramsey

Have you ever looked at an actual Rembrandt? I mean really looked? I have. And it is exhausting. Why? Because Rembrandt was a master. If you are willing to look, he will show more than you can take in. This is what masters do.

Read More ›

Heartwork Art

By Joe Sutphin

My buddy Don Clark, former Demon Hunter guitarist and creative genius behind design firm Invisible Creature, reached out to me a while back to see if I would be interested in contributing to a special charity this Christmas. Read More ›

In the Round: Arthur Alligood, “Right Where I Am”

By Arthur Alligood

I wrote “Right Where I Am” in a K-Mart parking lot. No lie. 2014 was a heck of a year for me and I was lost in an ocean of shame, heartache, and grief. Read More ›

The Broken, Beautiful Jerks of Wes Anderson

By Chris Yokel

From what I can remember, my first experience of Wes Anderson’s work was watching The Royal Tenenbaums. I don’t remember exactly how long ago this was, or the circumstances, but I do clearly remember that after it was over my response was pretty much, “Well, that was weird.” Read More ›

Josh Garrels’ newest single, “Hiding Place”

By Matt Conner

If you were among those paying attention to Josh Garrels’ rotation of free goodies on NoiseTrade, then you likely downloaded the one-year anniversary edition of his most recent album, Home. Available for a limited time, this particular edition of Home included a brand new single, “Hiding Place,” that was never previously released. Read More ›

Introducing the Civil Language Project

By David Michael Bruno

The language of division tries to get enough people hostile toward enough other people so that the provocateur gains power. Too many in the political class, too many faith-based leaders and faithless skeptics, too many wealthy bosses and elite technocrats speak this language of division. Read More ›

Art Stories: Functional Brilliance

By Russ Ramsey

Giovanni Paolo Panini (1691 – 1765) was an artist and architect who specialized in painting vistas of ancient and modern Rome. He was known as a vedutisti, a “view painter.” Read More ›

Slow Church Reading Group Week 3: Economy

By Julie Silander

Welcome to Week 3 of reading and discussing Slow Church together. Here are a few questions to add to our list. Feel free to choose one or two to answer, or you can pose your own to the group. Read More ›

Hutchmoot 2016 Musical Guest: Audrey Assad

By Pete Peterson

We’re pleased to announce that Audrey Assad will be our special musical guest at Hutchmoot 2016. We’re big fans of Audrey and her music and are especially excited to welcome her to Hutchmoot this year.  Read More ›

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