Archive: Aug 2016

The River Fox Kickstarter Kick Off

By Jonny Jimison

When soldier Martin Millar leaves for the Dragon Crusade, his brother, Marco the stableboy, accidentally tags along. What follows is fun and adventure, dragons and curses and talking horses and bandits! In short, a lot more than either brother expects. Read More ›

What a Woman Wants to Hear

By Rebecca Reynolds

Chesterton once wrote that the great lesson of “Beauty and the Beast” was “that a thing must be loved before it is lovable.” Beautiful idea, right? But it’s hard to believe in a world where that sort of thing happens so rarely. Read More ›

My Brave Face – Andrew Osenga covers Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello

By Russ Ramsey

Andrew Osenga just released a covers EP, which was a bonus feature of his Heart*Soul*Flesh*Bone 4 EP project, or if you prefer, extended double album. I got a chance to sit down with him and talk about the project– and one cover in particular. Read More ›

What’s Your Pick for Summer Reading?

By The Rabbit Room

Summer’s drawing to a close, and a while back we asked the Facebook hordes to list their favorite books for summer reading. Here’s what they had to say. What about the rest of you? Read More ›

The Craft and Courage of L.M. Montgomery, Pt 2


Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote 22 novels, 530 short stories, 500 poems, and 30 essays. And by the time of her death in 1942, she was a household name, not just in Canada, but all over the world.

So, how did she do it? Read More ›

In The Round: Cardiff State, “Unhaunted”

By The Rabbit Room

[This week in the round, Katherine Kamin (of Cardiff State) tells us the story behind their song “Undaunted.”]

This song came out of my inability to let things go. Read More ›

Making Things Is Magic

By Jonny Jimison

[Here’s the latest from the Rabbit Room’s resident cartoonist. Click through to read the whole strip.] Read More ›

RR Interview: Stacy Grubb

By Rebecca Reynolds

Stacy Grubb is in the process of creating a new gospel record. She has a bluegrass sound that’s haunting and tender, and when she sings a hymn, her voice feels timeless as the mountains. I got a chance to ask Stacy a few questions about her upcoming record. Click here for more info about the project and click through for the full interview. Read More ›

Now in the Store: Audrey Assad

By The Rabbit Room

Audrey Assad will be performing at Hutchmoot 2016 and we’re delighted to announce that we’ve now added her music to the Rabbit Room Store. Whether you’ll be at Hutchmoot or not this year, Audrey’s music is worth getting to know. Her latest CD, Inheritance, was just released earlier this year and it’s one of our favorites.

Click here to visit the store and listen. Read More ›

Tradecraft: Why Are You Here?

By Pete Peterson

I recently sat down with the director of a play I’m working on to let him grill me with questions about the show. His questions covered everything from staging to music, but in the end it all boiled down to asking one primary question of my characters, “Why are you here?” Read More ›

What Are Your Favorite Podcasts?

By The Rabbit Room

We pinged the Facebook rabbits about podcasts a while back, and got enough recommendations to keep us busy for years. Here’s what you said were your go-to favorites of the podcasting realm. What about the rest of you?  Read More ›

In The Round: Andy Gullahorn, “Silent Movie”

By Andy Gullahorn

“Silent Movie” is a song that I wrote with my friend, Jonathan Noel. He was working on a project of his own that was going to have that title and had written an instrumental piece for it. Read More ›

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