The River Fox Kickstarter Kick Off


When soldier Martin Millar leaves for the Dragon Crusade, his brother, Marco the stableboy, accidentally tags along. What follows is fun and adventure, dragons and curses and talking horses and bandits! In short, a lot more than either brother expects.

Volume one of the Dragon Lord Saga, Martin and Marco, is available in the Rabbit Room Store. Volume two, The River Fox, is being funded on Kickstarter – click here to check out the project!

I’ll be sharing more about the book in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, be sure not to miss these previous Rabbit Room posts from the Dragon Lord Saga:

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Jonny Jimison is a talented cartoonist and graphic novelist. In addition to a long history of web-based cartoons, he's the author of Dragon Lord Saga series of graphic novels, including Martin & Marco and The River Fox. Jonny lives and works in Jacksonville, Florida.

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