If You Could Be One Character from a Book…


A while back on Facebook, we asked you what one character from a book you’d choose to be. The masses have spoken, and here’s what they chose. What about the rest of you?

Katie Gibson: I would probably be Samwise Gamgee from LotR. He’s loyal to a fault, kind (but wary and watchful), and never gives up.

Brian Wedge: Jim Hawkins—Treasure Island—adventure, pirates, treasure, and ships—who wouldn’t!

Deborah Follett: Jane Eyre, she chose to run away from her greatest temptation, and in following God’s moral law she retained her dignity and self-respect. In honoring Him, she gave up what she desired most, and He gave her that desire in it’s good and proper place in the end.

Blaine Salzman: Frederick Wentworth from Persuasion, because Anne Elliot is positively charming. ^_^ Downside: I wouldn’t care to be in the navy.

Gordon Jones: The White Rabbit because of that tall and quite small pill thing…

Alyssa Blount: Jo March because she had spirit and fortitude, tenderness and kindness, and grew to understand her gifts and put them to use selflessly.

Eugene King: Colonel Brandon, Sense & Sensibility … or Atticus Finch

Sally Zaengle: The Giving Tree — because I really don’t want to be the little boy


  1. gllen

    Hmmm… that’s a tough one.

    Asher Lev from “My Name Is Asher Lev” strikes a definite chord for me.

    He knows the inner & outer struggles of creativity, the intimate joys and the deep wells of sadness – but has the confidence and strength to speak honestly in his art.


    And I’ve always loved Mr. Tumnus… (exploring the forest with a red woolen muffler and parcels under arm)

  2. Jillian Hopper

    Sara Cobbler from the Wingfeather Saga. She’s kind, she becomes brave, and she leaves a great impact by loving and serving those around her. Plus, who doesn’t want to command a super awesome kid-army!

  3. Linda Rogers


    This is tricky to answer. I first thought of Nia from the Wingfeather Saga, but of course I don’t want to have to suffer as much as she did. I just want her good qualities without all the difficulties. I doubt we are really all that alike in terms of personality, but I wish I were more like her.

  4. Isabel

    My husband said ‘Peter Pan’, who danced with Wendy (among their own progeny) and was often ‘desperately happy’.

    I was trying to think about it and come up with a reasonably modest but still worthy ambition and my husband said don’t, go with your first instinct.  So I had to say ‘Philosophy’ from Boethius’ Consolation.   I love her self possessed ability to console and even inspire a shattered man with divine truth in hopeless circumstances.

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