“Imagination”: A Visual Poetry Collaboration


[Editor’s note: We love it when people collaborate. This new work by cartoonist Jonny Jimison and poet Chris Yokel is what happens when friends create together. Simple and elegant. More please.]


Chris teaches writing and literature to college and high school students. He is the author of several books of poetry, and has released several albums of original music. He is also an amateur photographer, part-time stick-swordfighter, and chai enthusiast. He and his wife Jen enjoy reading, writing, and exploring the cities, coasts, and forests of New England.


  1. Sophie

    I love how the artists reimagined comic art for this poem. As a teacher, I can see this helping children to understand and appreciate poetry more clearly, especially some of the old classics. Thanks for sharing!

    Do you guys accept poetry submissions as well as article submissions?

  2. Tom Khazoyan


    Great piece.

    I’ve recently gotten my screenwriting students together with a fellow teacher’s comic art students. My students help with the story and the art students do the illustrations. It’s fun to see where it all goes! I love to be able to share things like this with them so inspire their imaginations.

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