Gods & Rabbits: How Watership Down Leads Believers and Writers to Freedom


Richard Adams, author of Watership Down, creator of Fiver and Bigwig and Hazel and an entire rabbit vocabulary, died yesterday at the ripe old age of 96. Earlier this year at Hutchmoot 2016, Jeffrey Overstreet led a session inspired by Watership Down, and in remembrance of Mr. Adams, we’ve pulled the talk out of the archives. Thanks to Jeffrey for letting us post it. Thanks to Richard Adams for the stories.

Pete Peterson is the author of the Revolutionary War adventure The Fiddler’s Gun and its sequel Fiddler’s Green. Among the many strange things he’s been in life are the following: U.S Marine air traffic controller, television editor, art teacher and boatwright at the Florida Sheriffs Boys Ranch, and progenitor of the mysterious Budge-Nuzzard. He lives in Nashville with his wife, Jennifer, where he's the Executive Director of the Rabbit Room and Managing Editor of Rabbit Room Press.


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