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What I Didn’t Hear in Silence

By Pete Peterson

Silence is a masterpiece that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about. I don’t know when I’ve ever seen an adaptation that so well translates the nuance of its source material. But after seeing the film, my wife made a critical observation of the story that I think is worth pointing out. Read More ›

My True Name

By Jennifer Trafton

I’m going to tell you a secret. This is one of those details of the writing process that feels so intimate I’m almost embarrassed to share it. Read More ›

The Craft and Courage of L.M. Montgomery, Pt 4

By Lanier Ivester

In this final installment, I want to say a few words about Lucy Maud’s personal challenges as a writer. Even a casual perusal of her journals reveals the fact that Maud was a creature of intense, sometimes crippling moods. I don’t think anyone could be capable of communicating the full scope of human joys and sorrows like she did without being intimately acquainted with both the heights and the depths. Read More ›

Friday Night at the Movies: Silence

By Pete Peterson

Books like Silence only come around once or twice in a generation. I read it several years ago (my review here), and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. Martin Scorsese had a similar experience. He read the book in the ’80s, and it’s haunted him for over thirty years. Read More ›

On the Possibility of Being Met in Winter

By Doug McKelvey

I experience winter, if not as a kind of death, then at least as a closing in of the margins of life.

The light grows shorter, the cold creeps in. The days betray, ending too soon.

I tend to take this personally. Read More ›

Lies that Tell Truths

By David Michael Bruno

One of my favorite anticipations of the new year is the first book I will read. Some time ago, for a few years in a row, I started each new January rereading Frederick Buechner’s Godric. And I’ve returned more than once to Augustine’s Confessions. This year I wanted to start fresh. Read More ›

Trouble Go Down: Alight Thou In Me (featuring Ellie Holcomb)

By Ron Block

One day Rebecca Reynolds sent me these poetic lyrics combining the imagery of a dead leaf falling to the ground, evensong floating out from a cathedral, and sunlight through stained glass Read More ›

Gifts of and for the Church (Pt. 2)

By Heidi Johnston

What does it look like when writers, artists, poets, musicians and storytellers choose to use their gifts for the glory of God? Have you ever wondered why God chose to work into you a love of words? A vivid imagination? Read More ›

Gifts of and for the Church

By Heidi Johnston

The church in Ephesus had a fascinating back-story. Made up of people from every social and cultural background imaginable, from those steeped in Old Testament law to others raised in a culture of ritual prostitution and sorcery, it was as diverse as any modern church. Read More ›

What Makes a Great Christian Novel?

By Andrew Peterson

Sarah Arthur, a writer and speaker, is one of the preliminary fiction judges for CT’s annual book awards. She put a list together of what she’s looking for as she wades through the potential finalists, and it’s a good reminder for any of us Read More ›

Meet John Tibbs

By Matt Conner

I was raised to believe Bruce Springsteen was, indeed, The Boss. Vivid memories remain from my childhood with the windows rolled down in our old Ford LTD and Bruce’s “Glory Days” or “My Hometown” or “Born in the U.S.A.” blaring Read More ›

Honest Christian Art: Helping Bono Find What He’s Looking For

By Andrew Peterson

A few [months] ago a wonderful little film showed up online. It featured one of my favorite authors, Eugene Peterson, having a conversation about the Psalms with Bono, one of my favorite songwriters. It actually brought tears to my eyes, Read More ›

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