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Hutchmoot 2.0

By Pete Peterson

In 2010, when we were first planning this thing called Hutchmoot, we weren’t sure if anyone would come. But people did come—a lot of people—and Hutchmoot has continued to grow and evolve in ways we couldn’t have imagined. This year, things are taking a leap forward. Read More ›

“It Will Be Summer Again.”

By Andrew Peterson

A few months back I posted a song by one of my new favorite artists, the Swedish band A Treehouse Wait. I’m telling you guys, this album is gorgeous. The production is lush and tasteful and super creative, and they do a great job of Read More ›

The Mad Truth of La La Land

By Jennifer Trafton

Let me say right off the bat that this post is full of spoilers. It oozes spoilers. Spoilaphobic reader, beware. I want to talk about La La Land and that perplexing, polarizing, absolutely perfect ending. Read More ›

The Sojourner’s Dilemma

By David Michael Bruno

Lately, I have been thinking about the theology of art. Almost certainly this is a bad use of my mind, as I am neither a theologian nor an artist. But I cannot help myself. And I feel compelled to think out loud, as it were, here on the Rabbit Room. Read More ›

Songs from Struck

By Russ Ramsey

I started writing songs when I was in High School. In recent years, life, calling, and family have redirected my creative bandwidth to other endeavors—good work I love and happily give myself to. But in recent years a desire to write songs has returned. So I’ve been knocking off the rust a little. Read More ›

For All the Namers

By Carolyn Givens

Vincent and Theo: that was the example I was to present. How did Vincent Van Gogh and his brother Theo exemplify “the artist in the heart of community”? I struggled at first to determine what to call the role Theo Van Gogh played in his brother Vincent’s life. Read More ›

Smelling Flowers in the Dark

By Jennifer Trafton

I think we all have memories of finishing a favorite childhood book—of turning the final page and feeling as if we’ve lived a lifetime in the space between those two covers. We will never forget where we were the day Aslan came alive again, just as people never forget where they were when they heard that Read More ›

On (Almost) Unplugging

By Jen Rose Yokel

In the middle of January, I took two weeks off from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It’s a tricky experiment when one of your jobs is managing social media, Read More ›

Engaging Culture – Christian Discernment in a Creative World

By The Rabbit Room

If you’re in the Nashville area, we want to invite you to join our friends at Covenant Seminary on March 3rd and 4th for this special seminar led by Denis Haack of the Ransom Fellowship. Professor Haack was mentored by Francis and Edith Schaeffer Read More ›

A Different Kind of Wall

By Andrew Peterson

Some walls are built to keep something out. Others are built to keep something in. But there’s another kind of wall, a wall that defines the boundaries of a place in order to make that place more beautiful, and to demonstrate a kind of Read More ›

Conference: Your Imagination Redeemed

By The Rabbit Room

When you read a book that stirs your spirit and captures your imagination, what is it in that tale that makes you feel so awakened and alive? Read More ›

Audrey Assad: Daughter of a Syrian Refugee

By The Rabbit Room

“When we avoid…the suffering of others…what we’re really avoiding is the cross. Embracing refugees, welcoming them, is welcoming Jesus, and we’re missing out on the opportunity to do that when we hold them at arm’s length.” Read More ›

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