A Baptist, an Anglican, and a Presbyterian Walk Into a Monkey Bar


Randall Goodgame, he of the Slugs and Bugs, has lately taken to hanging out at the monkey bars to talk theology with the big kids. He also comes armed with the best ’80s TV theme song since The Facts of Life.

Check out the first two episodes featuring Russ Ramsey (the Presbyterian), Russell Moore (the Baptist), and Thomas McKenzie (the Anglican):

Russ Ramsey is an author and associate pastor at Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee. He just released Struck – a wonderful book about marriage, friendship, a heart surgery, parenting, and living a life of faith during trying times. Highly recommended.

Russell Moore is the president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. His book  Onward: Engaging the Culture without Losing the Gospel is a must-read for Christians in the United States of America.

Thomas McKenzie is the pastor of Church of the Redeemer in Nashville, Tennessee. He is the author of The Anglican Way, a guidebook for the Anglican tradition.

Also check out the Kickstarter campaign for TWO new Slugs & Bugs albums!

Source: A Baptist, an Anglican, and a Presbyterian Walk Into a Monkey Bar – Episode 1 | Slugs and Bugs


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