Getting Ethan (Week One)


Once upon a time, before I was a cartoonist, I was in college.

My first major ventures into cartooning were a distillation of what stuck with me from college – the friendships, the uncertainty, the weird mini-adventures around town, the late-night video game binges eating cereal. For five years, I captured those feelings in a quirky webcomic strip called Getting Ethan. And now I am rebooting it.

In color.

Each week, we’ll be collecting that weeks’ strips in a Rabbit Room post. Here are the current week’s comic strips, along with three teaser comics I did to ramp up for the release of the new comic.

And now, the teasers:

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Jonny Jimison is a talented cartoonist and graphic novelist. In addition to a long history of web-based cartoons, he's the author of Dragon Lord Saga series of graphic novels, including Martin & Marco and The River Fox. Jonny lives and works in Jacksonville, Florida.

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