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Art & Theology Pt. 2

By Sarah Clarkson

The more I study this image, the more I find. The whole of creation is caught up in this presentation of the Cross as the cosmic renewal of life, love, and fellowship. I especially love the detail of Read More ›

Trouble Go Down: I Am Hidden Away In The Bosom of Christ

By Ron Block

The song “I Am Hidden Away In The Bosom of Christ” began with Rebecca Reynolds’s poignant lyrics that speak of having peace and assurance in troubled times. She sent them to me in an email, and one day Read More ›

July 8th: Rabbit Room Writers’ Fellowship

By Pete Peterson

If you’re a writer and would like a chance to get to know some of your fellow writers, you’re welcome to join us next Saturday afternoon. The Rabbit Room Writers’ Fellowship will meet at North Wind Manor on July 8th @ 2pm. Read More ›

Truth and Lament

By Heidi Johnston

For my family, like so many others, 2016 was a year punctuated by loss and grief. It was a year of watching as people we loved fought heroic battles, some ending with partings we prayed would not come. Read More ›

Review: The Way of the Dragon or The Way of the Lamb

By Jen Rose Yokel

It’s rare for me to impulse buy a brand new book the year it comes out. But it was hard to resist the minimalist cover and absurdly long yet awesome title The Way of the Dragon or The Way of the Lamb: Searching for Jesus’ Path of Power in a Church that has Abandoned It. Read More ›

A Note from N. D. Wilson

By N. D. Wilson

Never in all my days have I released two novels so close together as Outlaws of Time: The Song of Glory and Ghost (4/18) and The Door Before (6/27). And in between the two, I even managed to squeeze in a brain surgery Read More ›

Thanks to U2 for the Moth-Force

By Pete Peterson

Last weekend I got to see U2’s Joshua Tree anniversary tour, which was epic and amazing, but it wasn’t the only incredible thing I saw that day. As we waited for the show to begin, Read More ›

Getting Ethan #11

By Jonny Jimison

Read More ›

To a Schoolgirl in America: Writing Advice from C. S. Lewis

By Andrew Peterson

I was browsing my copy of Letters of C. S. Lewis (a British first edition, of course!)  and happened upon this little gem. Those of us who write would do well to heed this advice—especially the part about Read More ›

Art & Theology

By Sarah Clarkson

Well friends, I’m about to go all academic on you – or at least as academic as art, story, song obsessed me can get – by giving you a taste of what I’ve been working on in the past couple of years. Read More ›

The Ragamuffin Album: Live

By Andrew Peterson

When someone unfamiliar with Rich Mullins asks me where to start, I always tell them A Liturgy, a Legacy, and a Ragamuffin Band. The irony is, when that record released in 1993 during my freshman year of college, my roommates Read More ›

Art Exhibit

By Eric Peters

This summer, the kind folks at Church At Charlotte have invited me to display my visual artwork in their gallery. It is a tremendous honor for me, as this is my first opportunity to exhibit a collection of my non-musical work anywhere on earth. Read More ›

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